Resilience & Ward Perks Should Share Same Tag (Be Exclusive)

Resilient and Ward perks are never used together, and occupy 15% + 8% of the perk pool respectively. Adding the DmgAbsorb tag (quoting nwdb) onto Resilient would allow for these to be exclusive which would mean better chances when crafting and looting gear to find something more usable.

Both Ward & Resilient are almost mandatory high end, this change would allow for more gear to be available to break into these, instead of salvaging them nonstop

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Addressing “everyone would obtain perfect 3 perk gear in days” - this is not true, but it obviously increases the chances. How many people do you know that are running BIS that haven’t dropped a tonne of money for? Considering we’ve all been running dungeons and crafting for so long, you would think everyone would be geared up to whatever meta is deemed necessary.
This is because of a compounding effect of “BIS/Meta” being subjective and speculative, alongside with 1 build might actually have multiple different playstyles, and there’s quite a few builds per weapon - so BIS is actually weighted differently per build per playstyle.

This change will only make what people deem BIS or close to BIS, more accessible, which is a lot better for the older and newer community, and only takes away from the gap of people already in BIS… Also the % chance of getting BIS would still be super low :slight_smile:

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