Resilient - how many times does it stack

Does resilient stack 5 times or is there a cap? Wondering if worth getting on all armour pieces


The Perk does stack, but there is a certain Limit to it, crit can only be reduced to 1.05 Damage multiplier.

Gotcha is there any info on if its better to just have resil 3x or 5x?

Most weapons alone give 30%-40% as a crit modifier. This is not including perks that can raise it another 20% +. Five pieces will apply about a -25% so the more the better.

However you have to keep in mind that it’s not really damage reduction. Thats why it stacks with both resistance and absorption that both cap out at 50% each. People are going to hit you hard if you have high resilience and low rest/absorb. More so since people tend to favor perks that modifier their base damage over crit rate and crit damage.

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