Resilient not labeled as "PvP Only"

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    I bought multiple PvE armor sets with ward perk for corrupted/ancient/angry earth/lost and resilient perk. It did cost more than 300k gold (so obviously the sellers also didn’t know that resilient does not work for pve or are just taking advantage of others not knowing) and thousands of umbral shards to upgrade the sets for higher mutations.
    And now I accidentally found out that resilient is a completely dead perk for pve, because mobs don’t do any crit damage at all…
    How is someone supposed to be knowing that??
    Please clearly mark the resilient perk as “PvP Only” just like the other PvP only perks.
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    Wasted over 300k gold and thousands of shards
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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Buy expensive PvE gear with resilient, then level it up and then find out that resilient does not work in PvE.

I’m sorry you lost so much gold…but your point of labeling it as PvP only is valid.

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Don’t complain too much, they are more likely to enable AI crit’s than to mark resil as PvP only.


That would be perfectly fine for me too.
Then the perk would not be wasted on all my PvE armor sets.

Thanks for your feedback on this. I’ll look into it!

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Is it PvP only?

Yes, because mobs don’t do any crit damage at all. So Resilient only works in PvP.

I was browsing the forum , to see the update note and found this post , curious situation is this about Resilient not working in PvE , because I have 3 Heavy sets , 2 of them having the same attributes and GS ( equal defense ) , only the Perks are different , one is full with Resilient and the other is some perks geared towards abilities and there were situations where Archer and Boss monsters did an “extra” amount of damage when I wasn’t using the set with Resilient.

It will be very good to have this kind of information , something clearer helps players to have a path to follow , as the advantage may be bugged , or if really resilient does not work in PvE because there is a variation in damage when the player does not have the resilient as a whole.

You can easily test this out. Just go to any mob in the open world and let it hit you. Doesn’t matter in which armor you test it, they never crit.
I even turned around so they hit me in the back.
Result after 10 minutes of trying to get critted: Always the same amount of damage received. Mobs do no crit damage.

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@Aenwyn any news on this?

I don’t think this is an issue. It does work outside PVP, but nothing outside PVP crits so… meh. Labeling it PVP only might be even more misleading, as it would imply PVE can crit.

You don’t think this is an issue? Didn’t you read my detailed explanation why this IS an issue?
It is way more misleading and causing damage to peoples economy when it stays how it is.

  • Resilient not PvP labeled:
    The majority of players doesn’t know that mobs don’t do crit damage as you never learn or read about that in the game. Therefore they think that this perk helps in PvE and waste gold and shards on it.
  • Resilient PvP labeled:
    It is clear for everyone that it does not help in PvE and therefore it protects players from bad investions. Even if what you say were true that some players would then interpret that PvE can do crit damage, there would be absolutely no harm in that.

So clearly the first option is the better one.

Another solution for this would be to enable crit damage in PvE. Both solutions would work. Either making Resilient useful in PvE, or labeling it as PvP.

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Btw there is a code in mobs that in future can be enable to allow mobs to crit.

PvP labelled perks have special code that checks for player vs player interaction, which reslient lacks.

I am pretty sure that eventually they will enable crit on mobs, probably when they push mutators above M10.

Keep your gear as a long term investment.

Do you have a link to that info? Where did you find that specific code leak?

If that is really coming with later updates, then people should be informed that it is useless at the moment, but is planned to get useful so they don’t falsely scrap Resilient PvE gear after recognizing that it doesn’t work in PvE for now.

Very misleading indeed, they need to rename resilient or just make it work in pve aswell by changing the perk (like reduce dmg taken).
Did like you, buying different sets only to find out it doesnt even work. Good times.
Not that im surprised at this state but the disappointments just pile up.

@Aenwyn Any news?

Why someone would flag your github post is beyond me .-.

Thanks for checking in. We will be adding the PvP label for this in a future patch and apologize for the confusion caused by it not having that label initially.


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