Respawn menu cycling respawn locations

What the heck is the purpose of cycling the respawn locations inside the respawn menu?

I cannot be the only one who has hit the respawn button on reflex to quickly get back into things after a few frustrating deaths, and end up in a different region because my campsite is not on the top of the list anymore.

It should be real simple to always keep the campsite as your primary respawn location should it not? And then pick a location manually if you decided you wished to respawn at the nearest settlement or whatever your choice of poison might be. And not pick the automatically pick the respawn location based on where you might be in the world.

Like, am i missing something here, am i messing things up, or is this mechanic just as badly thought out as it feels?

i think it depends. i for one use the camp selectively as a fast travel point between a quest run, ill go to the site do my quest and kill myself to spawn at my camp next to the quest giver, however sometimes ill need to kill myself to go to town first and drop off a few things lol.

are you within range? have you used it within the timer already?

on a site note has anyone noticed when you get the respawn menu and you choose the nearest settlement (as planned) and the screen flickers and you end up at your main inn which is on the other side of the world? Upsets me everytime!

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