[Restart] All Regions October 28th-October 29th, 2021

Hi all,

We are aware of a crouch exploit that has surfaced due to this most recent update. We will be restarting each region individually to pick up a change to mitigate this issue.

Downtime will be approximately 60 minutes long. Please find the restart times for each region below:

Region Restart Time
Central Europe 2021-10-29T06:00:00Z
South America 2021-10-29T09:30:00Z
US-East 2021-10-29T10:30:00Z
US-West 2021-10-29T11:30:00Z
Australia 2021-10-29T12:00:00Z

We are currently working on a more permanent fix which will be released once we have confirmed that the fix is valid.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


We need an additional 60 minutes to complete our maintenance on EU Central worlds.

Estimated live timing: 12am PT/9am CEST

Thank you for your patience.


Our EU worlds are now live, thank you again for your patience.