Resting exp change

an easy fix to make sure inns are not completily useless. if you give the inn a resting gathering bonus and make sure people can sit on those chairs or in general do anything in the inns u can easily make towns more lively and especially inns thats a good way to attract casuals. for example like if you stay at the inn for 20 min u get a 15% gathering bonus for those 20 mins its only an example numbers are easily changable.

Or a rewards scheme, just like how you level up your territory standing. Have it reduce cool-downs for x amount of time etc. In all honesty though, I think 90% uses the inns as they’re essentially a 4th house for fast travel. What I would like to see is the addition of being able to reset the cool-down with the price scaling on your territory standing. The higher your standing the lower your reset cost up to say 30% etc

Nice feedback! I have passed this along to the devs.

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