REstore accidentally salvged quest reward

Hi there, is it possible to return item I accidentally salvaged?
I accidentalyl salvaged a quest item reward and would really appreciate if it possible to restore it for me.
The item I am looking for is Greatsword " Blade of the 19th"

For character Bigraawb on server maramma US East

Hi @marinovic.robert, welcome to our community! :sparkles:

My apologies to hear about the situation with the item deleted by mistake. Unfortunately at this point there is nothing can be done to recover salvage items.

To prevent similar situations from occurring in the future, you can use the salvage lock option that is available in the inventory. To activate it, select the item you want and then click on Lock. Alternatively, you can lock an item with L+Click."

My apologies for any inconvenience cause,
Best regards.