Restored tier 4 harvesting gear incorrectly requiring level 60

I (finally) got my harvesting gear chest to restore the armor lost during the 1.1.1 patch. I correctly got the tier 4 armor, but unfortunately it’s incorrectly set to require level 60. Previous tier 4 armor (and the armor that’s in the store) only requires level 41. I’m only level 50 and I need armor I can actually use.


Hello, @gamejunk1111! It’s nice to have you here!

Thanks a lot for your contribution to the New World forum!

I’m sorry you didn’t not receive the armor correctly set, I’m sure this must be a huge incovenient for you. Consequently, I will be escalating this issue, could you please provide to me the following information?

Character name:
Server name:
Screenshots/links to videos :

I’ll be waitng for your reply!

info above

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