Retitled: Everything is unrewarding, thx AGS

Every patch has made less sense. They don’t want you to zerg, but enemies are still impossible to kill. Trying to grab your chests like you did before? not happening, they move them to locations that throw you in the line of sight of 12 different musketeers with laser accurate aim. Forget getting 600’s anymore, the things are nonexistent thanks to more nerfs to loot. But it’s cool, we have gypsum on an 18 hr cooldown, nice! I really can’t think of the last time I was rewarded for risking anything or just sinking my time into the game. Nothing feels accomplishing, it just makes you feel unlucky. After 100’s of dungeons you would expect to have come out with at least 1 of the 600 raid drops. NOPE none. Ah but you got a timeless shard nice, better hope it comes out 600/ and still have the perks you want, or you can kiss 10k goodbye just like pre patch crafting. Nothing has been changed for the better. Everything feels more tedious and less rewarding. Just reward the players. So damn stingy for what? 1000 hours later and I can’t get my own damn loaded dice? Can’t get a 600 raid exclusive? Makes sense !


sunk 1075 hours in this game…
Was defending this game alot.
But i have to agree on this post.
It all for nothing in this game.
I have a full luck set and every piece luck @ 2.8% with luck gems etc…
NEVER EVER looted ANY legendary material for trophies. NEVER!
Friends of mine walking around in kinda crappy gear with nearly no luck and they looted more then 5 items in less hours played then me.

Also 200@ nearly all crafting now, just missing weaponsmith and furnishing.
Does it reward me in game? Not 1 bit.
I didnt think i would say this but the game has lost its magic for me.
I am returning to wow where we DO get a reward.

I really dont care anymore for this broken game with its broken developers.
Like you said in your post… there is no rewards.


They are just incompetent. But i guess they are trying to hide their non existent content behind ten trapdoors taht you cant go out of once ur behind

Yeah couldn’t have said it better. The magic is gone, the devs really took it away :frowning:

Everything feels like it just became a LOOONNGGG ass daily.

God you guys are crybabies…
Firstly, all POI Areas are so easy to do, idk what you guys are doing…
They moved the Chests to avoid them being soloable (Its stil possible tho)
600 GS Items have been more often, if your watermark is maxed (from 90 avg drops to 60 avg drops for a 600 GS Item)

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The fact that you call players with 1500 hours crybabies is sad. You actually must never play with your monitor turned on if you don’t see any of the problems in this game. You’re a casual, and that’s okay, but don’t come in here and tell me, a 1465 hr player, that the game has no problems and I’m crying.

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Calling others crybabies sure makes you seem like an adult to everyone else

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Screenshot of in-game hour achievement please? :slight_smile:

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I see you edited…

But why no spacing?

People are gonna climb right over that word wall.

Good post. I have lost interest a while ago but check back now and then to see if bugs are fixed at all. They are not. They are changinging so many things in game while not addressing some major bugs and problems. This dev team is horrible. I had close to 600 HWM and transfered servers which reset my Azoth staff, Camp Tier, and HWM. I wont grind through their failed experiment again.


Im +700 hours and I still enjoy it because I have a lot to do.

I do not dispute your opinion and it may be quite correct. I just hope I don’t feel the same when I get to your number of hours … It must be very frustrating.


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