Return of the bots

So you say u have focus on bots and monitoring this closely. Well you are doing an exstremly bad job at it. Last few days i have been farming different materials in lower level areas, and the amount of bots hasn’t change on my server at all. They are so easy to spot with the running pattern and the continues trying to farm a node you already getting. The run the same route again and again and again, and yet they dont get banned when you report em… I think i saw 10-20 in the few hours!! WELL good job AGS


We need access to kill them, not just report them, It seems only mandatory PVP can do this


Fun Idea would be, If a bot got reported multiple times AND acknowledged from AGS, to make them killable for everyone (PvP and PvE flagged Player) dropping all their belongings.

So they would become a second raffelbones aka lootpinata.

Sadly this would take some time to Develop and i’m not even sure if it would be possible at all.


What frustrates med the most is that you dont get any respons on you report, so u get the feeling that it’s nothing is being done



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I like this idea. Me and my friends could run around and report the opposition company players we don’t like. Flag em kill em. Zerg ftw.


Nothing is being done. I see the same bots that have been there for weeks, all reported multiple times.


Hence why i wrote acknowledged by AGS, insisting flagging someone as a bot involved some form of human control via a GM or whoever would be in charge for those kind of action.


Idk what server you’re on but on my server there’s not many bots I see. At least not the ones that go mining. Also sometimes people just ignore you when they’re busy gathering materials? I do that sometimes, I turn off all the global chats and stuff b/c it’s distracting.

People actually defending bots.



@ProSax Thanks for bringing attention to this. All player reports are reviewed manually by our game moderation team. We’ve been working hard on identifying bots and have banned over 9000 since launch. If you have additional info you want to provide, you can submit links and screenshots through Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

Well, we are closely monitoring the situation. And we do constantly remove waves of bots. But please remember there are alot of servers we’re moving through and with the game player base seeing even the TINIEST of bumps… the bot companies are jumping back in aggressively. Bots are not the most easiest to see and we would hate to include any actual players in a huge ban wave… so monitoring doesn’t always mean deleting. Sometimes it’s more tracing them back to the source and getting them that way. I would advise fighitng back by reporting them and we will get to them. Thank you!


Yeah great idea, so a group of friends can report any random person they want and turn that person into a loot prize. wtf lmao


We report them in-game and that doesn’t work, for months I keep seeing the same bots.

How difficult would it be to write an algorithm to check for specific behaviors that a bot usually does?

Trying to pick a node 3-4 times when you just started to farm it.

Will move weirdly around nodes, like positioning themselves to pick.

Going to the exact same locations, I mean, extremely precise locations.

Why not move the nodes around by a few meters?


The bot problem is even worse.

What happened to the fix that would no longer allow camps to be set up covering a node???

This needs to happen ASAP as the bots are even more brazen and covering half the nodes with camps to keep players away while they camp the remaining nodes.


These are just bots! Gonna take forever running a sting operation on each one, this should be your top priorities.
I get everything takes time but weeks and month these chinese bots actively roaming around, killing ur progress and hurting the economy. I would act swiftly as im tired of seeing them and thought about quitting everytime i see the same one i reported over n over n over again and again.
A week is acceptable but we’re talking month+ to ban " bots" because you need to run a sting operation lol. What world are you living in? Every game out there is super aggressive when come to cheats so please step up

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How long time will it take untill reports are looked at?
Just wondering since the same bots have had exactly the same route for several weeks 24/7 (around 2 months or more)
I know many players have reported them and i have reported them lots of times during this time. Not even a untrained eye could miss that it is bots…and no players behind the charachters that is reported…


Just an idea;
Why not create a stored procedure that searches for coordinates that match it 30 minute intervals say 5 times in a row? The bot uses coordinates for travel, turns and mat location. Should be straight forward and easily tested.

I am sure they have something; they just not going to say that would be stupid.

If only they could just train an ai to look for bots.