Return of the bots

You know what hams this all up? Is I have to run around low level zones and farm mats to make high level stuff. Why do I need iron ore coming out my ears to eventually get to the point of making a couple of orichalcum ingots? The stupid crafting system is the only reason there are so many bots. So lets say you stop crafting. All thats left is dungeons and pvp. Quite frankly, World of Warcrafts pvp system and also boring mythic+ climb is more fun than New Worlds. Sure, it has a monthly subscription (same cost as a meal for two at McDonalds) but I get 2 out of 3 things that can make a game enjoyable. Like someone has said, if you don’t fix the crafting and bots, what does this game have to offer?

Agreed that needing iron for just about everything is a bit annoying but thats probably not the single issue causing bots to be a problem. That seems to be oversimplifying the situation a bit.

Saw lot of bots lately especially on starmetal and ori nodes

Not only iron, its all the stuff you need for tier 5 anything. I shouldn’t be gathering tier 1 for tier 5. I spend a majority of my time in low level zones just to gather bs to burn cooldowns. The point is, all thats required greatly increases the chance for bots.

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I’m pretty sure bots get by so easily in this game, if there had to be ‘one problem’ to simplify with, because nodes are preset. They can literally just pre-map a circuit and barring interruptions, mine basically seamlessly across it.

If nodes spawned within randomized spots in a locale, even, like WoW that would probably help alleviate botting.

What would really, really help is if their fucking CS weren’t a God-forsaken outsource, or if bot tickets went to a separate team, or anything were done except leaving it to the painfully-evidently-lazy CS outsource. I keep saying it, that god damn outsource is one of the worst things still true from launch. If the bots were being dealt with by some far more hands-on representation, that’d fix it all.

But none of that is industry standard anymore, so.


1,000% this

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Authorities, please don’t tire yourself, the solution is simple, you need to bring random spawning, I shoot 10 videos every day and report the game is now back to commerce, selling money has become a profession I don’t want to see bots In 2021, there was 1m online, now it’s 20k please look at it with the eyes of a gamer. :roll_eyes:

Theres no return of the bots. The bots never left. They got wise and joined or created companies to hide better.

Bots don’t return, they’re back for revenge.

Although I thought the devs have banned ‘Over 9000’ bots?

This is STILL a massive problem.

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Such a good idea

That’s what she said

Bot World

I made a small list and the answer from the authorities is always the same 9000+ bans hahahaha

Those 9000 bans that they like to brag about were only temporary bans. Most were only 24 hours. Unbelievable, but true.

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I havnt seen many obvious bots lately, you know the ones named ‘JciIJDJDKXXJBBC’ that stop to farm every node even if its not there.

What I see now is well hidden bots that are using names like ‘Donna Gladstone’, sometimes they have another bots following them with a similar common name.

I think the bots that remain have evolved so much that they blend in very well with the community. I would say that overall the bots have been reduced but not because of AGS but because this game is dying and will no longer be profitable soon, look at Lost Ark, theres a reason theres 100x more bots in LA than actual players in NW.

I see two that almost stuck together but definitely bots no human like movement straight from one point to the next, programmed to the same trail. Luckily these bots are not very efficient, but I bots and hacks are the worst death for an mmo

The reason this game and Lost Ark are full of bots is because Amazon Loves Bots. All their games are sure to be loaded with them.

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