Return the money

Well, AGS, when will you return the money to the players from Russia and Belarus?

I appeal to everyone.

There is no official information about the selective blocking of players yet, not by gender, not by nationality, not by regional.

I suggest that you just post problems with authentication (without specifying the region) and wait for a response.

But I suggest not to get lost for the possibility of further communication. In case our worst expectations come true.

Link to telegram channel

there is already an official response

Link ?

In that post, a holy war began.
And the post was quickly closed.
Have you ever seen such a quick response to user requests?

It was all the more tactically wrong to start the discussion not with the problem, but with the conclusions.

I myself am very offended, not for money, but for 1300 hours, which is why I propose to consolidate calmly and constructively.

And statements about money on the forum about technical problems can only be achieved - nothing.

I propose to be more patient, calmer and more purposeful.


Don’t worry, I have 1150 hours. But if you haven’t noticed, we can’t provide you to play from your region. and 08.03.2022 Amazon announced that they were leaving the Russian market. And yes, you can’t buy New World on Steam with a Russian account right now. Draw your own conclusions.

I think the conclusions are obvious.
But in addition to the conclusions, I would like to have “notarized screenshots” as well.

In the future, Valve will have to keep the first line of defense, since the purchase was made from them.

In the future, there will be an appeal to the AMAZON rules to which we agreed.

And only after that it will be possible to start a dialogue about money.
But you must admit that all the same, those support, and now we are on this platform, will not solve our difficulties in any way.

They can only register our appeals. If the appeal is correctly composed, it is escalated. If not, the call is closed.

That is why I repeat, please let’s post problems with authentication (without specifying the region) and wait for a response.

My friend from Kyiv can play

I live 400 km from Kyiv, I can’t play

You from Eastern Ukraine? Maybe it was a mistake by AGS. Write a ticket I suggest.

Cause my friend from Kyiv can indeed still play.

No. From the West. What ticket?

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