Returned to New World after half a year: It's still boring

Half a year in between and the only noticable change i can recognize is the Gypsum system and a couple low effort quests which pop up here and there, but arnt worth it in terms of gold, EXP and time spent (why do these even exist for lvl60+).

No new dungeons, no new map regions, no new random events, no new mobs, no new gear, no actual game improvements (e.g. Sortable Gear Collections/Binds), nothing. It does feel like this game is being developed by one student in his free time, not a company. Also the same old bugs still persist, e.g. you have to click buttons 2-3 times (fairly often). Also the crafting result screen seems bugged. Does anyone even look at those things? Thats not normal anymore.

Is there a roadmap, as in “map” (not 1 hour of circlejerking videos)? I dont have any other games atm so i was thinking about leveling the last few things to 200. But my motivation is “because i have nothing else to do” and not “oh boy am i looking forward to this”.

I do love the game, and i realize this is harsh feedback - but it is pretty clear that the game needs it.


Hey @Tymax,

Let me start with acknowledging that there are still a ton of improvements & changes we’d all like to see.

Now for your list:

  • New Dungeon: Tempest’s Heart (Isabella says hey)

  • New Map region is coming this year

  • New mobs: Varangian Knights say hey

  • Game Improvements: There’s just too many to list but a few of my favorite QoL ones:

  • Housing taxes nearly eliminated,

  • Need for Azoth to travel nearly eliminated.

  • Storage access limitations gone (remove or drop in items to/from anywhere and the fees are gone)

  • More Orichalcum & Starmetal nodes + cooldowns on respawn shortened

3v3 Arenas were also just introduced.
Mutations launched since you’ve been around.
June is “Double XP” month with periods dedicated to Gathering, Refining, Weapon, Character and Crafting (1.25x)

Oh and yes there’s an official roadmap:

Hope this helps & Welcome Back!


I doubt you truly tried it again, or you just logged in saw the gypsium and quickly logged out, because litterally just by pushing the M button you would see the new mutations, the new dungeon(tempest) and the new pvp mode, the arena and by playing a few hours you would see the movement changes, the pvp track etc.
You post is completely worthless.

Thanks, that’s a nice outlook for autumn at least! I doubt it will hold returning players for longer than a week or 2 tho … Was hoping for a level raise, new tiers of Armour, some prestige stuff, collections - literally any reason to play the game longer. They would have probably announced any of those if it was planned.

As for expeditions - I don’t really grind those. Why even runs these more than once? For Uniques? For gear score? Or because there is nothing else to do? If the layouts would at least be randomized, that would be a reason to attempt to speed-run them. I don’t pretend to have the answers to any of these points. Guess I was just hoping for a lot more than that … Just more randomized stuff, drops, resources, bosses, events, gather-missions, maybe even random world events other than corrupted breaches, I can think about a million things to make the world more interesting and players more invested and wonder why they don’t just do that.
Just today/yesterday somebody posted on Reddit that the last Sunday had the least concurrent players in the game’s public history, so this whole point is definitely not just my imagination.

I doubt you truly tried it again, or you just logged in saw the gypsum and quickly logged out

I’m actually bringing all my crafting professions to 200 right now … After that I’m basically done and the only thing left is to min-max gear to participate in PVP with the same 5 active PVP players over and over again.

I really pray that they pick up the pace and already work on another world just as big as the current one, on more enemy types, bosses, events, gear and ways to spend time in the game.

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No new dungeons( yes there is), no new map regions (true but on the way i guess), no new random events ( yes there has been you wouldn’t know you havent been playing), no new mobs (they did but they are low level) , no new gear (there is a lot of new gear)

Spot on. Valheim, a game made by a 5person team and a guy developing it as a side project have managed to push more content than this game. Just laughable really.

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I agree on the game needing some randomness, many people have suggested Torghast from WoW.

Would fill some of the gaps the game lacks, solo content and randomness.

They have made a lot of improvements since 6 months but nothing significant as time sink, there is still barely anything to do. No collecting pets/transmogs/daily quest for rep, nothing.

spot on is just not true, half the things this guys says they “didnt add” have literally been added. No new dungeon? tempest was literally added in march, no new mobs? the new knights that were added in into the void, no new gear? come on, thats just troll right? on top of that valheim is literally dead because they havent even put out much content besides what? frost caves?

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Still less content compared to what Valheim has provided. I expected more from a triple A production. Maybe if AGS put a few up and coming programmer/developer kids on their payroll that could develop this game from their basement we might would’ve had a decent New World in the future.

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it really isnt less content, valheim aside from balancing is literally the same game I played in 2021, barely anything is new. New world on the otherhand has had some notable content drops

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Valheim introduced new mobs, caves, loads of new building stuff. They also did some major performance upgrades to the game. Thats more than can be said of this game. AGS have a lot to learn from basement-developers.

The best thing about Valheim is that when you drop items, they dont even get duplicated.
Such unbelievable level of masterclass development is unheard of, right.

Do your research before talking shit, you don’t like the game it’s your choice, go ahead and play something else, devs are doing what they could to make it better.

Go play Valheim if you like it that much?

Im not talking shit, just stating simple facts. I’ve played both New World and Valheim alot. Both games are enjoyable, but I do consider Valheim being a more polished game and it has more longevity in terms of content. New World is a decent game, but AGS have alot to learn.

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Again what are you doing here? Go play your game if you like it that much

Valheim is 3D Minecraft with half the features.

stating facts yet half the post you are agreeing with is literally false

Im writing posts on this forum. I paid for this game, and I can voice my opinion about it. Stay salty mate:)

Maybe you didnt read the whole thread, but I didnt make this topic. I just replied to the topic creator, then I stated my own facts. Thank you.

If valheim looked anything like new world, it might mean something. But the world has very little in the way of complex anything.

It’s easy to create loads of neat little things in a sandbox like that. New World requires a much bigger workload to produce things. This has always been the way with feature MMO’s. The ones doing great right now have years, and years of content. They all went through growing pains, and different phases. Only time will tell at this point.