Returning again players feedback

After being gone since light armor dodge roll became the meta I must say I am liking the new changes. Combat is feeling better in PvP and I think New World is positioning itself nicely for 3v3 arena.

Something I think would bring back more players is a high stakes PvP/PvE zone. If there was and entire territory that was similar to the dark zone in division. I know many players would comeback to play that.

I know tons of play would leave therefor

New Worlds player count is dropping without one so…

New world was lost players after each merge that was not thought out. The desync that still plagues and weapon unbalance is the next big factor that drives people away. Lastly the lack of true end game content.

Not addressing territory war with mega companies being toxic AF doesn’t help either. People have been calling for a weekly war cooldown or player lock so the same 50 people couldn’t go roll the map and sell territories.

Oh I know for a fact that is an issue, but why focus on that. We need new fresh content that isn’t part of territory wars, has replay values, and is a proven game mode that is fun. Plus content creators would have endless material to run off of if the loot is worth something. Also a territory like this can not be controlled by elitist companies it can be a free zone that the majority of the player base can go and just have fun. Or instead of loot it can be a currency from participating in PvP or pve that can be used to buy loot or materials. I think that would be so much fun.

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