Returning player, about to quit again

I’m going to make it short and sweet. I came back a week ago with a couple of my friends who used to play as well. The game felt like it was in great shape compared to 7 months ago. I was enjoying 3v3 arena’s the past week! Until today. I’ve played 12 games, every game we faced a team with a healer.

Healers completely drain all the fun and enjoyment I was getting from 3v3’s. It’s so toxic. I shouldn’t have to do 50x damage just because there is a healer in the game.

If there was a filter between healer and non-healer 3v3, that would make it so much more balanced and fun.

None of my friends are healers. But after playing 12 games in a row against healers, I don’t think I want to play the game anymore. We shouldn’t have to learn how to heal in order to enjoy 3v3.

Thinking about uninstalling. Please add a filter for non-healers in 3v3. Give me some enjoyment… every match after this with a healer i’m just throwing because its boring. I have to try extra hard and do so much more damage, for what?

Leave healing for wars and large scale. in 3v3 its cancer if you or your friends aren’t healers


Why not? Healers have been in the game, and an expected compliment to group PvP play, since Day One…why should it suddenly be different?


The problem is that there isn’t a counter for healing at the moment. Diseased perks aren’t enough, it has to totally negate it. If LS can drop an SG, shouldn’t another weapon be able to counter healing as effective as LS is, at healing? Maybe it’s an over exaggeration but that’s what I am trying to say. Buff healing counters without relying on nerfs and stun-locks.


This. Theres just no viable counter besides powering through it and hopefully killing the healer before you get shot in the back by his teammates. You either fight the guys getting healed for 500k health, or fight the healer and die. If there was a better counter to heals it would make it a lot more enjoyable. Right now disease isn’t good enough to even notice a difference


Group pvp play. I wouldn’t call a 3 man team a group. Almost all my matches against healers last until the fire ring, everyone on my team has over 300k damage. it makes the game last so long and without a healer yourself you end up losing after playing a normally 5 minute game for 15 minutes. its draining on my mental stamina. I love the games 3v3 no healers. So fun and its a fight of skill and finese. With healers its just terrrible


Well I don’t think (and obviously some people disagree with me) it would be remotely fair to shut healers out of arenas or nerf them into being inconsequential.


My suggestion was to have a filter. Heal/ No heal. That way teams with healers would fight other fair teams with healers, and teams with non healers wouldn’t have to fight against a team with healers. Would balance it out and make everyone happy. Unless the healer teams like beating upon teams without healers unfairly, then it wouldn’t make them happy


I came back because I was having fun in arena. Tonight that fun was drained from my soul. I’m certain there are other players who feel the same and may quit as well


I’m sorry one evening of disappointing arena matches is enough to make you quit.


I mean if you are only playing the game for the sole purpose of playing arenas or opr then I mean yeah I would expect you to quit


Not disappointing, frustrating and fun draining. You’re just being facetious, and I hope your type of toxic behavior doesn’t represent the rest of the community. I’m giving a perspective of a returning player, and you’re just being a jerk


Thanks, this is how you treat returning players? No wonder the playerbase tanked so hard


i am a healer and do not want to play against bruisers. it is no fun how much damage they do to my light armor. can i have a filter to filter out melee players? also ranged.


thats completely different. a healer completely changes the game. You go from needing to deal 50k damage to 500k damage. You are being ignorant.


I can run around until the healing does less health, but how is that fun?

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Play a anti-heal build. Or focus the healer. Or burst down the same target. There counters to healers, just use the mechanics, play the game.


So to boil this down…

Quit before cuz I was tired of dying and stuff didn’t get nerfed fast enough.

Came back and still dying. Nerf more stuff or I’ll quit again.

This about accurate? If so, it should probably just get moved to the Nerf It Forum Repository.


but if i play against a team without healing, that build isn’t good and i have to switch it. im not fast enough to switch mid game like that

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no I quit originally because my company fell apart and my friends stopped playing. we started picking it up again this past week and that was my perspective. Nice to know this community is still as toxic. jesus


im not asking for any nerfs? my suggestion was to add a filter for healing/ non healing 3v3 matches. You are seriously so toxic no wonder this community has been struggling to grow