Returning player, about to quit again

What we need is cross server OPR and 3v3s. That would be a big enough pool of people to add differents queues I think.


I honestly think that would help. I end up playing the same overpowered healing team 3 times in a row and it makes me sick when it happens.

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i’m not even losing most of the matches, but they take so long and drain so much energy its extremely frustrating. The times i lose I put forth 10 times more energy vs other matches and that does make me even more upset. It adds such a higher level of frustration regardless if i win or lose. When I win I don’t even feel like i won because I had to put so much into it


You should be appreciative that the healer spent the time to queue up for 3v3. Just because the game now take 4x longer and you now have to burst down someone or lose, does not mean AGS thinks you are not having fun.
Just magically kill them when they can instant/0.5 sec heal someone to full when they said its not possible to do that anymore. They really love when you send “LMAO lost with healer” after.

An opinion from someone who hasn’t stopped playing, and have full bis gear…im a healer and after the 5th arena i dont really want to play one either.

A lot of the time two damage dealers vs three damage dealers isn’t enough.

In that scenario they had arena meta:

Mage with flamethrower
Dex with hatchet/bow
Bruiser with cc and sustain

When people know how to play their builds optimally it can make being a healer unenjoyable, where standing in your own heals isnt enough.

So I sympathize with your frustration but arenas are still a free-for-all in a very difficult to balance game and if youre not using the most effective method you could fall short.


But isnt that good though?

The thought of having to work so hard and overcome the challenge seems rewarding to me if i try imagine the scenario.

Easy wars are equally less enjoyable than steam roll wars. Its the ones where you work and still win that make it satisfying.

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I’m also a returning player but only playing arenas will guaranteed a frustrated experience for there will always be something that needs tuned for pvp. Its best to stay patient and wait. For now I suggest on waiting for roadmap to see their plans

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No, I’m not being at all facetious. If this game is frustrating and fun draining for you I very unsarcastically hope you find a game more to your liking. Not every game is for every gamer.


This is false, you can counter healing. Get a VG with Scream and a BB with PSG, both on weapon and plagued crits as well. This will mostly invalidate healing and you will be able to kill target. Basically have a debuff support player on team. Other option is for one to be a assassin that just sticks on healer and doesnt allow him to help.

Your problem is mostly like that you are behind from quiting, most people have 3 perk good stuff these days with shrinking fortification, etc. You are behind. Also you are probably rusty and cannot expect to be god tier after 1 week.

I play against healers without one myself all the time and win. Its how you play as a team, use terrain and build your team. But if you just yoloing and nt thinking about things, then you cant complain.

Otherwise just quit, game is probably not for you then.


Healing is overtuned in this Game. It’s Not about the right Tools to counter heal. It’s about the false roll a healer has especially in Arena. It’s more a Tank or a damage Sponge than a classical healer WHO needs protection.


Stopped reading there.


I’ve been playing with a healer and against a healer stacks in arena most of the time and I dont have any issue unless u dont know how to play against a healer stack.
If a healer doesnt like your build should he also filter to not play against you? Like whats this suggestions man,be a man and learn how to play against it rather than “omg healers are op” “omg I cant have fun people are healing”
Like I can tell you most healers are dying if u have a good stack,you just need to stop crying and learn the game.

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U said u don’t have a healer I’m assuming then it’s 3 dps
Here are the options vg ig+fs bb+ig sns+hatchet rapier (1shot)
And u only need 1 dps to focus on healer or all 3 on any player

Healers are always in light armor, so if there’s an opening they can die in a cc chain just like anyone else. And if you’re playing with people you know then coordinate the kills.

Other than that since you’re new to coming back to the game after 5 months maybe gear up more and take the time to learn how PvP has changed. Change your build up. Practice. You can most likely being playing better than you are currently.

I think if you try all of that and still are having a shitty time then maybe 3v3 isn’t for you. There’s other ways to PvP without facing against a premade team coordinating against you.


So let me get this straight. You and your friends don’t wanna play as a supportive healer because it’s not fun because you’re not killing stuff, yet you want to ban those who do heal from doing 3x3 combat. Doesn’t work that way pal. Healers have as much right as you in terms of enjoying 3x3 fights.

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You literally said…

I mean you’ve even declared you’re going to start throwing matches (I imagine your teammates love that) just because you’re facing a team with a healer.

Healers are part of the game. A part of every part of the game. Question: suppose you get your wish and they give you the filter you’re asking for. Suppose as a result you’re sitting in extended queues to find healerless matches. Will that lead to complaints about long queue times?


Be a healer and cure the cancer!


No they are not healing reduction solve problem. Also healing debuff by the time is really strong in those arenas. Get gud.



my 3s team, void/ice , spear/hatchet, and fire/rapier has no problem killing healers. You just need to work on your coordinated burst better and unfortunately git gud.

Something that might help overall is the fact that stuns in this game are not stuns. They should no longer make stuns saps that break on damage and make it a true stun that keeps people stunned.