Returning player, about to quit again

The stun is more like a sleep

I mostly agree. It should be a healer, but not too reassuring like that. The fact that healers give so much confidence upsets the balance a little.

The team with the healer should have an advantage over the non-healer, but the result should not be that obvious.

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Life Staff should have never been added to the game.


Many of those ppl that are crying about healers should not have started any MMO.
How can u complain about healers in a MMO.I mean 3v3 arena is a team play game.I’m the same as u haven’t played for 7 months but guess what I’m a healer :smiley:
And crying about healers is wrong.Because u want us to not play in 3v3 arena but u will search for us for wars and dungeons ??
It’s wrong all of that u said.U have to learn the basics of the game.Being a DPS does not mean u can kill everything.I mean even if u are a team of 3 DPS’s this is not a guarantee win because u all doing a lot of damage.And if one healer is scaring u so much then bro change the game.Go play Mario but i guess you will get scared of the Princess at the end.Good luck hope u think twice before u write such a thing next time.

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I see your point and I would like to agree with you.
Just one thing… couldn’t you make this topic as suggestion topic of adding filters to arena 3vs3?

You had to make it big drama title returning player leaving again blabla… i just can’t stand this form of communication and the way of trying to change things

Grown up, if you wanna leave the game then leave and do not speak about it…

But if you wanna do something good, like making proposal to add filters to arenas, which would be awesome, then just make topic like that …



I think if im playing melee I shouldnt have to queue against any ranged players.

Where is my separate 3v3 queue for melee only?

Its pretty obvious you haven’t played for quite a while because right now TTK is one of the shortest its been since the game was released. In other words, dps is very overtuned. If you wanted to kill the healers you were facing you should have put on a flamethrower. If you had a flamethrower get a new one because they shouldve been able to kill the healer or at the least kept them out of the fight.

Dont expect to come back and win every match or blame your losses on deliberate choices you made (to include or not include a healer or extra burst dps in your group).

Hope you have a nice cry and just settle on uninstalling or not. The Forums doesnt need this lol.


If the stun wasn’t like a sleep, it would be much easier to contain the healer from using his abilities.

Absolutely 100% agree

Arenas are A LOT funner when healers aren’t involved. With healers you have to focus them, otherwise you aren’t gonna have any chance of winning.

If you’re solo queing, your group likely won’t be organized enough to focus the healer effectively. Assuming your with competent players to begin with.

3 dps vs 3 dps is so much more enjoyable. Healers prop up bad players. So beyond frustrating knowing you can demolish them 1 vs 2 even, but the healer is a crutch.


Atleast you have the ability to kill range players lol. If you find you can’t, get good.

Learn to push shift and time your abilities. Stop being an unga bunga button masher and use your head.

Even then, 3 melee wont kill a healer paired with 2 other melee.

I’m convinced most unga bungas bash their heads into the keyboard, then they get upset when they get outplayed. Guess that’s the normal play style, when they have healers keeping them alive.

I’m convinced most unga bungas bash their heads into the keyboard, then they get upset when they get outplayed.

You clicking Q and mouse buttons from 2m away: unga bunga low skill idiot button mash

Me clicking Q and mouse buttons from 20m away: high skill intellectual big brain outplay

I was 100% joking and making fun of the OPs suggestion of a queue without healers lol

Arenas are a LOT funner when muskets and bows arent involved. With muskets or bows, you have to focus on them and worry about sightlines while fighting the rest of their team, otherwise you aren’t gonna have any chance of winning.

Do you see the problem with this argument? You (and the OP) are arbitrarily trying to exclude a group of players because you dislike playing vs that weapon or playstyle. The same way you say melees ‘have the ability to kill range players lol. if you cant, get good.’
Ranged DPS has the ability to blow up healers from a distance. If you find you cant, get good.

In a meta where TTK is (probably) the lowest its been I laugh at people who complain about healers :joy: :joy:

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Muskets and bows are also insanely easy to kill in arenas lol. Like you said, takes focusing them. Once they blow through the rapier abilities, it’s easy.

Muskets are only frustrating in OPR.

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Also, a musket/bow…a single musket/bow, can’t kill a properly geared healer 1 vs 1.

Nice try though.

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:joy: :joy:

Ranged dps = Bow, FS, IG, VG and Musket
idk why you saying nice try though like i said some shit that was wrong lmao. Did I hurt your fee-fees? Lmaooo

Take your own advice homie

Why should healers have to learn to play melee or range in order to enjoy 3v3?
Removing healers isn’t a solution.


Is that really all you can come up with?

If you think FS/IG/VG can “explode” a healer, you’re severely lost and confused.

Killing a competent (properly geared and knows how to manage stamina) healer isn’t a matter of “getting good,” it simply isn’t feezable in small scale fights.

I’ve solo qued, and been lucky enough to get a good healer, while the other team has a healer.

Legit fights end with no one being killed, until the fire starts. Then it’s just a matter of trying to burst eachother down enough to where atleast 1 of your team mates are the last to survive.

Healers, in 3 v 3s, shouldn’t be a thing.

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There is a lot of valuable feedback on 3v3 in this thread, so I will make sure this gets sent up the chain. Take care!


And that doesn’t work if you change “muskets and bows” to “healers”…why? The usual argument is “If you focus the healer the two DPS will cut you down”. Well, if you focus a musket or bow user then what - their melee DPS teammates are just going to stand there and do nothing?

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Most of the time, they wont do anything lol. The musket/bow doesn’t have the self sustain that a healer would.

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