Returning Player blocked from playing

I decided to come back to this game because I loved my first “playthrough” of it.

I wanted to spawn in Windsward for roleplay reasons but started in Monarch’s bluff. So I deleted my char and tried to make a new one, all of the times I spawned in Monarch’s bluff.

When trying a fourth time, it said I can’t make another character for 24 hours. Why? And why was I not warned before, e.g., “You have X character creations left within Y hours”.

It’s very frustrating coz I wanted to play your game again when the hype was burning but these are the kind of weird problems that got me to quit the game in the past.

If anyone else knows a way to choose your starting zone, or if it will be added in the upcoming expansion, please let me know!

Every toon I made started in First Light. I think it’s pretty random and luck where you kick off.

Back in the day I began in Everfall(?), the center region. I heard from a random that it’s time-based, so for EU, nights are Monarch’s bluff and mornings are Windsward. But I wanted to confirm this so I don’t sit out this night for no reason, or get an even longer ban from creating new characters.

You can run to the other starting area, if you didn’t know.

Yes thank you for that suggestion. I found it before but it doesn’t feel right as a roleplayer to alter the course once the game has “begun” for me.

But if someone else is seeing this and wants to play with a friend that is a great advice!

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