Returning Player - Feedback - March 2022 (EU)


Recently, I had to take a two-month break from the game due to real life priorities. But as always quitting a game often starts after a pause, so why did I returned to play NW? I thought my answers could be helpful for other readers, so I decided to share them here.


What I liked has changed making playing easier?

  1. Azoth Travel Cost

    • This has always been an issue for me and has limited often, how much I could truly play the game. I use specific cities as warehouses for some item types, so that I have to travel a bit around after finishing a farming route of any kind. This way it always became expensive on the longer time as a semi-casual player.
    • The massive reducement has been a blessing for me therefore. Even if I consider it currently being too low. Yet, as with the connected Trading Post system it is a QoL-change nobody probably would like to see gone. Maybe at some point raising it again would be okay. Travelling or as I like to say ‘Playing’ has become a lot easier this way.
  2. House Tax Cost

    • Income was always a big problem and having several high tier houses made it truly risky not to be exploited by an evil ecompany that maxxed out the house tax. With how it is now and has been for a longer time, but then not officially planned for long term, there is a lot more gold I can use for actually playing the game then as some kind of toll charge to be allowed to play.
  3. Gypsum Changes

    • I don’t truly have to get too detailed with this. Most who have played NW for two months or longer should agree that there were just too many CDs and those being too long. This in all made making any progress Expertise wise and of other kind very difficult for me previously. Topaz Gem or Obisdian Gem would be a notable example for this.
  4. OPR Changes

    • The new Score System, changes to Brutes and especially the rewards have been amazing. Receiving Umbral Shards from PvP Content didn’t forced me to play those mutations. I am very anti-PvE or rather dungeon and have only been twice in Lazarus or Genesis. It is just not my type of content and I am a casual player only interested in PvP. With OPR being the only PvP mode next to Open World pvp it is more pleasant to join daily.
  5. Umbral Reward Changes

    • This could have also been said in the Gypsum or OPR category, but I wanted to special it out, since as a semi-casual player progress was very slow for me. I haven’t even reached 600 GS with my current gear yet and without the Umbral changes I expected to never getting close to it - not even gonna mention anything near 625 GS in that context. The changes make it easier to progress closer to the top 1% who are around 625 GS.

What I don’t like that has changed?

  • Dodge Changes

    • Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to it. But being able to dodge any attack in the first frames has somewhat raised the skill expression level too high. I mean NW was always connected to combat system with many weapons and a small cache of abilities for each. That in itself made it a slower combat system compared to other MMORPGs, but I wonder if this addition takes some of the uniqueness away. At the same time people with higher performance may have a bigger advantage frame-wise or rather reaction time to dodge. I don’t think it is a bad change, just not like it too much

    • Medium Dodge Delay is a catastrophe for me personally. Not because I liked to iFrame, but due to my gear having been finalized around Med Weight Load and just the upgrade via Umbral Shard was what was left to do. I can understand that nerfing iFrame may have been needed, but the delay is way too painful. 50% of the delay time would been the more balanced choice. Now, I am unsure if running Med Weight Load is even worth it, having wasted all the gold towards my current gear. In any case, I think that the nerf was way over the top, but I agree with a nerf having been needed.

  • Else no other change truly mattered/bothered for me


Having made actually playing the game easier through QoL changes is surely the right way to make people return or stay that found the previous state rather stressful than enjoyingly pleasant. Continuing with additinonal PvP content and focusing on the combat system is in my opinion the right way to go. That is the strength and the appeal of NW, what is not offered that much by other games.

Additionally, companies require are another important key for a high player population. You have to give the companies more ‘color’. I mean a company house for the region/city of the governing company allowing some special company trophies for example. More options to interact with the company members and options to make alliances or create “super-companies” with other companies. Maybe even adding survey options or some other things. In any case, next to the combat system (PvP), companies should be focused on next rather than just game content, pvp arena or other features.

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Welcome back I have also returned to NW this weekend, I reached 620 GS in 5 days after makin a research by myself. Reach to 610 GS in OPR on every item then do dailes gypsum from dungs arenas, portals, mobs farm and get extra shards. Do not buy any umbral services is not worth.

What do you mean with Umbral services?

Currently on a low pop server, so limited umbral sources available. Gonna read into it though in the coming days.

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