Returning player impressions

As a returning player 2 things I encountered that are immediately off putting. The amount of bots in the game farming and the amount of resources it takes to craft anything of use. Example, one powerful efficiency booster is 120 motes at a average of seven motes per node that’s seventeen nodes just to make one booster. I made 30 took 3 hours to farm the motes due the amount of bots running around.


Sorry to hear that. I would just say that you are not alone in your gathering frustrations…

Bots have always been a problem. It’d be great if AGS stepped up a bit.

As for the efficiency booster, just make the weak one. Its damn near free.

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Where are those bots really I gather a lot motes but never seen bots …


I agree. I started playing like 2 weeks ago and farm daily for at least 3-4h and i have not seen a single bot yet.

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I have not seen any bots too on my end…
Sure they are bound to be bots but unless you proof it I dun think it’s a huge issue at the moment. Sound like you are just frustrated at the farming for the ingredients. As previously mentioned just make the lower levels one. Unless you buy the mats for cheap, you can buy the expensive one off the auction house.

It’s always hard to earn money in and out of the game. You just have to be smart how you carry it out.

Another help with gathering.
Find a musician that is playing Fortune’s favor bonus in a town.
Tip them 10 gold when they are done…
Get a boost of gathering yield 3 to 10% -how long depends again on how well they play.
That with a less powerful proficiency potion will help you greatly in gathering yield.
I stack up yield with song, powerful/strong proficency and my gathering tools have yield bonus as well.

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go and tell those who deny that the game is full of Bots and gold Sellers … in the face of the QOL of the game … and Ethics … all trolls and hypocritical behavior on the part of the players who buy gold and AGS that allows. . and then they say that the economy is not destroyed by bots and gold sellers in addition between exploits and dupe items and truly a paradoxical and painful situation … thank AGS that does not protect ppl who play correctly.

Sorry to hear that happen to you, I havent seen a bot yet on my server with that typical bot behavior mine a vein with it great axe or running same pattern 24/7.

And those players I assume is a bot I running up to his vein, mine it before him and he pick up his musket and wanna shot my brain out…which clearly isent a bot behavior haha.

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I am start to believe that For those guys everyone who collect resources is bot except them… they cant stand that there are hundreds of people who want also do it …

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I think they should make recourses instanced for each player with different respawn timer on each one. But bot problem needs to be solved before that. Players should be able to explore the world and mine/gather everything that this world offers. If he wants to, he should be able to farm these recourses without running into the issue that everything is already looted… If I want to put on my mining gear and go mine all day today, it should be up to me. I put my gear on, and go mining and if I find everything mined this is very annoying and limit player’s play style. Players should not be limited from doing any activity in the game, any kind of forced hard limits are bad for the whole game, people don’t want to play a game that does not allow them to play it.

on which server do u play? if i can ask because i only saw 1 bot in 2 months and he wasn’t gathering

Sadly I heared some talks about bots are running dungeons now, like Barnacles for resourses there, maybe for the brimstone sand release.
Can be the new bot activity.
At last boss then ofta dodge and sit at the cannon and fire all boss run.

I heard too many things xd bro this is so immature.

They run in groups in my server and try to strong arm their way to all the nodes first. It’s insane, they all are in companies, but 100% bots. They all have the same movements, walk to empty nodes, run in the same pattern. All day I see them. I get excited when I follow a noob and they end up being a real person, because it happens so rarely.

The bots are RAMPANT in Maramma US East. Go for a run in the woods, you will find so many. Usually they get grouped up in the same bot run too, bots fighting bots for resources.

The entire crafting experience is pretty miserable until the very very very end.

And then it’s really miserable but at least you can finally make nice things.

Dunno whats going on with US servers. In Lost Ark is same story US servers are full of bots 100-150 bots for 1 player, while EU also have bots but 40 times less… China goverment hates even you US players haha ( my consp. Theory xd)

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You might not be too far off on that!! lol

The fact that some of you have not seen a bot(which i find hard to believe) does not mean they do not exist. I would imagine that they would differ from server to server depending on the what the economy is like and whether it’s worth selling there. Bots though are not always botting, sometimes there is a person in the driver seat. They are not stupid and have to sometimes appear as if it’s just another player. I have even seen some pretty sophisticated macros where they will even target npcs around the area to make it look like they are not just gathering alone. Bottom line is they do exist and are one of the main reasons it’s so hard to gather the rarer mats in the game. Dealing with other players is one thing, but having twice the amount of bots/farmers is another. No one is going to sit in the sape spot for 12+ hours gathering the same thing, day after day unless they are getting paid for it.