Returning to Aeternum After One Month

I took almost 1 month off from New World. I came back today. Here’s what I found today playing on my server:

  1. Weapon swapping during combat is still glitchy.
  2. Weapon balancing is still all over the place.
  3. OPR queues are way less frequent.
  4. Server population is way down (from high pop to low pop).
  5. You can now buy expedition orbs from the faction vendor (about the only change I was happy to see).
  6. Server-wide lag and disconnects are still a problem.
  7. Any number of small bug obvious bugs are still in place (e.g. I still find myself being killed by an Orichalcum Logging Axe in OPR).

I know that mutators are what everyone has been talking about, and that mostly people like them from what I’ve heard. I’m excited to run some myself, but…what about the rest of the game?

Can we get a dev corner update on the state of bug fixes, weapon balancing, etc? Last we heard about any of that was November 2021 (a post titled Update on Current Issues #3), and all posts on that thread since have just been reposting the same info in different languages.

End game has, understandably, been the focus as it was in a pretty poor state, but I’d appreciate an update on where the rest of the game stands: QoL fixes, server population data, weapon balancing, server transfers, combat bugs, etc.

Mutators are legit fun. BUT the rewards you get are severely lacking. The loot is actually worse because mutators add more junk gear to the loot table. Gear that you can’t even use if you equip it as soon as you get it so you can’t even use it to progress in the mutations. Also the way gear score is factored into mutations feels so freakin cheap. You mean to tell me just 10gs difference is the difference between doing 0 dmg and normal dmg? Like give me a break. The monsters are like “yea fam you would do dmg if you had just 2 more str and 1 more con”. Dumb.

The first 2 days of mutators had really cool named epics but they quickly nerfed that and removed from the loot table all together so there is that.

OPr is… well it’s OPr. It has potential but the lag is so bad… and the global buffer window makes the game feel bad. They have that window to prevent some animation canceling but honestly at this point they just need to make a decision to get over it. Clunky game play just to prevent some folks from being better is bad. No one likes the buffer window at all.

They need to get faster at server merges or automate it. They also need to let ppl buy server transfers or give them more frequently. With the rate people are leaving it’s painful to force ppl to play on dead servers. Going from low pop to even medium
Pop is night and days

They also need to add a global cooldown. And get rid of the time gate on orbs. Just let ppl make them as they get the mats. Let the time gate be on what it takes to farm the mats. But if I have the mats let me do the content. They also need to create level 60 versions of every dungeon and add leader boards. Let us do challenges like “naked runs”.

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