Revamp end game zones with 64+ mobs

I’ve been playing non-stop since launch, and am almost fully maxed out on my HWM on all items. What bothers me the most about HMW farming? The absence of variety, and the many zergs farming bosses on respawn. I really don’t understand why AGS made so many zones with lvl 63 and below mobs, it feels like such a wasted opportunity.

If people would actually spread out over all the lvl 60+ elite areas, farming for HWM would be a much more enjoyable experience. Sadly that’s not the case. Everyone is being forced into like 3-4 boss farms/chest runs, which are all in the 2 SAME zones (myrk, scorched mines, eternal pool, siren). Why even bother to visit any of the other zones like Ebonscale or Edengrove, when they only drop low gearscore items? Sure, you can run them for materials and rare items, but it’s no where near as enjoyable when your bags are being filled with trash 500-520 GS items.

What makes this even more unenjoyable? Well since everyone is being forced into the 2 goddamn same zones for HWM farming, even when you try to do a 5-10 man for better chances of loot, there will be some 40-man zerg running down the boss you just pulled, and you end up with no tag, no nothing. All elite areas with 64+ mobs are totally overrun, and it SUCKS.

You created this problem AGS, please be so kind to fix it.

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