Revamp Immortality skill that hatchet has

So many people creates hybrids and use hatchet as secondary weapon just for that skill - so powerful that helps them escape hot situations and does not require any good timing, skill or anything else. They can just jump into crowd with their GS/Gaxe/WH cds and if things are getting hot, one button saves them and helps in running away. They do not think even much about consequences that jumping into crowd might cause because they do not have to worry about this with that one, specific skill.
It’s ridiculous and unbalanced.

You can’t think of any counters that defy death/berserk might have?

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Oblivion perk for VG is the ultimate counter to this, aswell as the perk for that Greatsword poke attack…

Yes nerf hatchet, and the rest of the other melee weapons thank you! (SnS, Greatsword, Hatchet)

During the bugged VG scream meta everyone ran Nullifying Oblivion, rework VG and meta shift to reminder players you can shut hatchets down

I run a purge, hatchet players fall over because they rely on defy saving them.

Play smarter not cry harder

Let’s buff other weapons that aren’t so hot

  • Fire staff needs love, reheat “mastery ultimate” is replaced by a brilliance perk or drinking a mana pot?
  • VG decay tree is not so good (Oh no tether!?! Lol)
  • IG plagued with bugs entomb breaking, ice storm your toes
  • Hatchet raging torrent is a wet noodle ability doing a penguin walk
  • Spear’s Skewer hits the air more than players
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Obliv/Orb Perks will purge (remove) the immortal state.

As a player who runs Hatchet as my primary weapon, I can confirm that there are many counters to hatchet, for example simply running away… Torrent half the time attacks in place which is terrible as a player can take 1 step away to avoid it, and Feral Rush is incredibly easy to dodge given it’s long use time. I use spear secondary and can agree skewer often misses, because it too is easy to dodge, and vault kick is easy to counter because of it’s long use time to land a stun. (Sword and shield easily out-stuns spear), IG is a great counter when used correctly because the slow is unbearable for melee, and simply running from defy death is the biggest counter of all. It only lasts 3 seconds, this isn’t a long time and once it’s over you can just hit the hatchet player once and they’re dead. VG is a great utility weapon because you can nerf a melee’s damage (weaken) into the ground and root them in place.

If defy death didn’t work in PvP, hatchet would be nothing but a left-click simulator. I use hatchet because it has the cleanest feeling auto-attack in the game, but having defy death as a crutch is a bonus for when meathead greatsword users run me down with their massive amounts of damage, or long-range bow/musket players beam me from across the map.

If a player is dumb enough to disrespect a hatchet defy death, they deserve to die. The cooldown is already long enough to where it cannot be used every round in 3v3s for example, or respawning at a camp will not reset the cooldown (75s).

The hatchet already has arguably the worst skill tree in the game, which is why I consider it an auto-attack simulator, the abilities are easy to counter (and the berserk cancel is not easy to do, making it a skill-gap).

I am only replying to cattboy because I agree with his post. Anyone complaining about this, please pay more attention to what your enemy has in their offhand before you rush into battle, and you might just perform better.

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