(Revamp suggestion) Item Scrapping /to Item Salavaging and Recycling

Hi guys,

I just wanted to put forward my 2 cents on a possible new mechanic for item scrapping, or as my idea would suggest more a item recycling/salvaging.

The current system works yes, but I feel there’s more room for expansion & improvement into it, making it feel a little more robust & probably more useful and perhaps more profitable in some cases to.

What I propose is when you scrap a tier 1 dagger for example, you no longer get just the standard scrapped parts (which you would get less of in this case) but in addition you instead would get a dagger hilt or a blade shaft or perhaps even a fancy pommel/grip and those parts could then be socketed into another dagger that has a free slot for them much like a gem slot, these parts would then boost a certain stat on it such as durability, damage or speed etc.

  • By this example you could have various different grades of qualities for these parts like a low-medium-high quality, and also these salvaged parts could be unique for specific items only to pair them together or just make them purely random ones for the items already available in game.

  • Also adding some restrictions to these salvaged parts, such as a tier 1 high quality salvaged weapon part could be socketed into a tier 5 weapon but not the other way around (essentially making them not truly universal to keep some balancing in check) or weapon parts cannot be socketed into armor for obvious reasons.

  • Also to combat the balancing, the added bonuses that could be making some items way to powerful, you could have some negative stats on these salvaged parts as well, such as a salvaged weapon type part could have add bonus damage at a penalty to character weight yield, or a faster speed weapon part at a penalty of reduced durability etc etc.

  • On a side note these salvaged parts could also still be scrapped if they are not what the player was looking for, or further still they could be sold on the trade post to other people and the player could have the chance to make a profitable return on there unneeded items.

  • Perhaps adding a salvaging skill tree, which could increase the chances of salvaging specific types of parts (or qualities for that matter) also with a skill or lack of, either giving the ability to decrease a negative effect on parts or increase the positive bonus.

  • As a exclusive to the skill tree, maybe as a skill there could even be a chance to recycle the raw materials from some items instead of just salvaging a part from them, and the amount could be based on the skill tree to yield more or less.

From what I can tell this salvaging/recycling of items could be implemented to pretty much most of the more functional items in game, but I suspect from a developers point of view this would be a lengthy nightmare-ish project to add and modify into the existing game at the moment.
I’ll admit it right now this is by no means a 100% thought idea and was merely a spear of the moment thought.
So I welcome any constructive idea’s if anyone might want to add or point out where I may of overlooked something more obvious.

So what do you guys think :thinking: does it have potential or is to much?
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I just read similar feedback but for the gypsum casts! I appreciate the thoroughness of this post and will keep an eye out for any further discussion on it.


I think instead of boosting one stat, I think gettin those hilts/blades etc. should give some more control over the persk your gear gets, im not saying 100% guarentee you get BIS, but would be cool to see a system where you get a few of these and you can remove a few perks you dont want from the pool of possible ones. This way crafters get a bit more control over the gear they get, but you also have to do other content to get these items.

Hey Sun! I definitely agree that the scrapping does need revamping. However, I think the solution proposed adds a new “system” to the game which could be difficult for the devs to implement. Instead, I would propose that when we scrap ilvl 500+ items of blue quality or greater, that we have a chance of receiving an item cast.
Blue items scrap for cast chance: 5%
Purple items scrap for cast chance: 15%
Legendary scrap for cast chance: 30%
This way they dont have to add new items/systems etc. We already have a chance to get fish oil from scrapping certain fish so the framework is there :slight_smile:

that could work, but for many people, we have our GS at 625 already, don’t need the casts or shards, I’ve got over 20k umbral shards that I don’t need, would be better to have something that benefits all players as much as possible

Make them BOE so you can sell for a pretty penny? Also, casts will come in handy when the max GS is bumped again (possibly in the fall with new zone?)

I would imagine they are going to be useful again, but with that not being until the fall,
people will already have a lot saved up, and making them BOE would make them very cheap due to the top players having a ton of excess ones, which means players would no longer need to engage with the dungeons/mutators and gypsum cast sytem other than buying them. I like he idea of scrapping gear for other things, I just dont entirely think casts are the best option.

Instead of casts, maybe it could give a crafting material in correlation to the tier of the item and wieght.
Legendary Armor - Light, Medium, Heavy = Phoenixweave, Runic Leather, Asmodeum.
Epic Armor - Infused Silk, Infused Leather, Orichalcum Ingot
Rare Armor - Silk, Layered Leather, Starmetal Ingot

Weapons would follow the same concept but the material type that is primarily used to craft it.

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