Revert Healer Changes, Implement This Instead

Revert the healer changes to reduce the impact on the game as a whole, and implement changes that are specific to 3v3 arenas. Here are my 2 suggestions:

  1. Create a poisoning status effect to the floor of the arenas that decreases healing by 50% across the board - both life staff and potions. For teams queuing without a pre-made group, a healer should not be a necessity to win a match of arenas.

  2. When touching the ring of fire, a burn effect is implemented. The fire ring should also add a poison effect that negates 100% of healing. The ring of fire should not be able to be healed through in a battle of attrition.


Healer chances purpose i probably same as 200 con bonus nerf, stamina regen nerf and others. On mass pvp fights are like:

  • banch of bruisers inside left clicking other dudes
  • healers nearby pumping lots of aoe and single target heals into this bruisers inside

So what we get is banch of dudes on top of each other and no1 dies. Only way to kill is to chain to death.

So results are we have on ptr. CC chain nerf, heal nerf, mobility nerf and so on.
And changes you are suggesting wont give same effect.

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The idea is that major changes should not be balanced based on a small portion of the game - the specific game mode (3v3 arenas) should have localized balancing.

Hello there FortyHands, thanks for taking the time to write out your suggestions here on the forums. The Dev team appreciates player feedback so I will make sure this gets sent up to them. I’d love to see more opinions in the comments from other players as well!

Do they have any comments on the several threads regarding the upcoming heal nerfs?

I doubt that some of those “effects” you are listing are good for this game.

Healers didn’t need to be nerfed as long as people were given viable counterhealer options for 1v1, and mobility could have been lessened where it was needed (the extra slide on light rolls that was recently added for no reason) instead of reducing stamina regen with a cooldown for everyone.

For the longest time the only counterheal we had was a thrown hatchet skill and maybe a burn dot. On top of that we now have VG, but there should have been other viable ways to minimize the strength of healers by themselves, like reducing output only on SELF heals, or giving us ways to apply a silence debuff on casters momentarily.

Right now nobody is staying up purely because healers are “too” strong, other than heavy healers in meme builds in OPR. I have great healers in my company and unless I am playing smart as a melee guy, it doesn’t matter what they do, I’ll be dead in seconds. Even a pocket healer saving all their single target skills for me isn’t going to save me if I get iced and someone tosses a gravwell on top of it and I’m not spamming dodge for all its worth.

Wherever the devs got the idea that healers where too strong all around, they got the wrong idea. Healers were strong in a couple of very specific situations and it didn’t call for 10 different “adjustments” to ALL healers all of which are unsurprisingly nerfs, and multiple of which affect nonhealers.


They could just as easily add perks that address healing directly.

I agree I would like some of the healer-specific nerfs undone. This patch already had quite a bit of stuff targeting healers.

Frankly, the perks that have healing reduction should potentially be increased. Such as:

Just remove the “below 50%” part of this. It should just read:

“Crits inflict disease for 6sec, reducing healing 24%” This is a COUNTER.

@Zelme the biggest thing I would ask you to pass alone, is rather than objectively changing/nerfing things, adjust things in a way PLAYERS can adjust for them.

So if Healing is outperforming in 3v3 arena. Give some perks that help counter healers. Rather than just nerf healers.

Another example:

Stamina Regen Delay

I actually think this is a net positive change for the game, but I know people are upset it feels clunky. So what if INSTEAD of a delay, you guys just nerfed the amount of Stamina Regen by like 25-50%.

Players have PERKS that give stamina Regen:

Maybe allow this to be rolled on Earring (currently) AS WELL AS Amulet and Ring

This could give someone 3x 9.8% stamina regen, which could offset (almost entirely) any sort of Stamina Regen nerf.

So if a player chooses to BUILD towards stamina regen, they can.

You can also allow for HEARTY:

To roll on Ring/Earring/Amulet as well. So if a player wants to stack their MAX stamina, but have lower regen, fine.

Give PLAYERS the ability to gear their perks towards their playstyle.

If someone wants to be an anti-healer. Let them GEAR that way:

Plagued Strikes

Plagued Crits

A lingering ground of blight that can’t be cleansed would have been pure evil over the whole creeping flames. I woulda preferred that over the hard nerfs.


True. They could do that. But it think it would be a mistake. Imho if there are some roles/combinations of 3 players in team that are just to strong compare to any other random 3 players builds - its a global issue. If 3 vs 3 cant be ± balanced so all builds are viable and none is to strong/weak - it does scale up do 20 vs 20 and 50 vs 50.

I was saying that healers are broken for lat few months. And all healers on forum said im an idiot and have no idea what im talking about. And fact you need 4-5 ppl to kill 1 healer is normal thing. No it wasnt.

Healers have to be strong enough to make difference in mass pvp but not strong enough so they dont care that 2 other players are trying to kill them (they used to ignore). Proper balance should be that healer might be able to maybe ignore 1 dps trying to kill him and continue to heal team mates - but if jumped by 2, he has to die or start running away and look for team help. No more healing under presure.

I can see they can be good. Hard to say. We have to see all of them and play all game modes to have good opinion. But i agree with what dev team is trying to achive.

Well healers are still super hard to kill, even in light armor if there there 2-3+ nearby. They keep healing each other. So its not that they are bad. Right now if you have opr where 1 team have 2-3 more healers its a team that does win no matter what. And i dont like it.

And there is no counter play unless you are running spear or vg. If you are like bow/rapier, fs/ig and many other builds healers will ignore you. They know your chance to kill them are super low.

Its not about heavy healers since they dont exists any more. Most are running light, some medium. Issue is they impact results of mass fight to much now imho. And you need 2+ players on healer to force him to stop healing. And if he is a top healer, he will contiune to heal team mates even with 2 enemies on back. And this creates issue where we have masses of mele players staying in place and spamming LMB and use no brain since they dont have to, bc the are supported by so mach of healing power.

Dude healers were most op i even seen in any mmo. If you are one of this ppl that were rude to me when i was posting how broken are healers in this game im sry that you cant see position of other players. But fact that healers required 5+ ppl to kill 1 of them was crazy. And when you had premade of 2-3 healers there were like goods. Even with 10 ppl on them (half opr team) they could survive and run circles.

Not even close.

Who else remembers the stint in WoW when shadow priests were nearly at both top dps, and healing. Nothing says broken like a healer that kills you, while also over healing their team.

Do we even need to mention the period in time when Boomkins ruled the world? How about when Shaman was able to solo the first 5 man after crossing the Dark portal.

Oops almost forgot the paladin hay days… Yeah nope! Healers in NW pale in comparison.

Too much WoW? There was a time my engineer in GW2 was basically near un-killable, and could crank both heals, and enough damage to mow down everything.

Yea never liked wow.
Dunno about GW2 issue since i stop playing it month after release.

Anyway. On release FS/IG was very strong, some were saying op. Result was 30 nerfs in total to FS/IG. And same time it was normal to see heavy healers tanking with face 5 other players. And you are suprised we see more and more nerfs to healing?

AGS learned after FS/IG over nert that its better to make smaller adjustmen over longer period. Since they have to rever some nerfs they did do FS.

I never see these godly healers. Yes nerfs that do not make sense surprise me.

In bold… yes that is correct, but these changes are not small when you start adding them all up. They are making sweeping changes that have an impact on many things, they are doing the opposite of what they said they would be doing when learning that lesson.

Yea it wont be easy to adjust healers so they wont be to weak and to strong. But i think with 3 vs 3 they will have data to just do that. So if they nerf healers to strong all the data on all servers will how that almost noone plays healers in 3 vs 3. And it will be confirmations ners were to harsh. But if hearls presence and healing score will be ok, means nerfs are just right.

We have seen so many times when the genie is let out of the bottle and it becomes very difficult to correct. Why not tune this change in the confines of 3v3 arenas to collect better data before making sweeping changes to the game as a whole?

It could be that healing is still strong at 50% effectiveness but the burst meta gives way to competing philosophies of burn and bleed damage.

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I can tell you right now that on live opr you cant kill 3 good healers with 3 other random builds. You need burst them 100 → 0 or you wont kill them.

I think that the self-healing of healers should be nerfed tbh, ok a healer can keep it’s team alive but IF a dps can get to him, he should not be able to heal itself, run AND heal the team as the dps is an annoying fly

Lol a healer right now is not even needed for arenas to win. What do you mean? Your better off without one. The dps you do with 3 people focusing one target is to much damage output to even outheal as light because of cast time changes

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This is a true statement, but funny nonetheless, as everyone kept saying that “heal was too strong”, when it clearly can’t counter damage bursts.

I’m done with healing in PvP, a game balanced on a contained minigame is so narrow minded that makes no sense at all, unless, in the next patches, we have mutated arenas with gear and shards, rendering the entire NW map obsolete (as it is in about 98% of it’s current extension) and focus on a MOBA style to cater to the more vocal audience, that, honestly, are still right, they were promised a PvP game and it’s nowhere to be found.


If LE is severely OP, why not nerf the 30% increased healing per buff to just 5% or 10% instead of the 1 second cast? Because DE will then be OP. And then what? 2 second cast on heals? 1.5 second casts? Come on… there’s easier solutions than just a full second cast. PvP is one aspect of the game, so is the PvE portion. I like being able to switch between the different aspects of the game.

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