Revert Oblivion Change

Wars have become a meta for the majority of your roster playing “Equip Load” heavy and stacking the point. This is very boring and not a fun experience to play with and against. On top of this, it has become incredibly hard to kill people overall.

  • The new change to the allowance of dodge within CC has made it so it is very hard to kill people even when caught in hard CC/setups.

  • The new oblivion no longer cancels out healing as it used to do further adding to the overall survivability.

  • The old oblivion used to make it very punishable when caught in CC and felt like rewarding gameplay when you managed to do a full setup with your team.

The combination of changing how dodges work with the addition of oblivion no longer cancelling out healing was an overkill. Therefore the suggestion is to revert the oblivion change and make it cancel out healing effects again. This will allow for team play to not only be rewarding but at the same time be able to hard punish big clumps and probably executed setups made by the team.


Vouch, nothing is dying anymore and youre basically immortal as a heavy armor player standing in a sacred. Removes so much of the skillgap in the game where we gone back to the November meta of stack 40 heavies on point.


+1, being able to dodge in cc is amazing for the game but with oblivion not removing sacreds makes heavies able to just afk dodge in a sacred and proc shirking fortification=not dying for way too long, makes the war slow and boring

could make a comprise and make beacon not oblivionable

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rofl invalidate CC but fuck healers again. no.

@Whichguy Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding oblivion. Additional replies in this thread explain the pain points regarding the changes very well. I will share your sentiment advocating for reverting the changes with the Dev Team.


I disagree, actually now the fights in the war are much more interesting, because now you can survive clumps better, which completely changes the meta and makes players have to look for new solutions.

The need to apply exhaustion and different forms of “disease” has increased, ie. it’s no longer a silly meta to do as much damage as possible without thinking, good thing they fixed the oblivion bug


I cannot say that i am happy with the return of immortal heavy clumps. No matter how you slice it, it’s just Clump VS Clump.

Watching two clumps battle it out is just not fun to watch, or be a part of. Especially when they get deadlocked and run out the timer. You can’t see anything and it’s an epileptic nightmare.

Mmh and what of light healers that get gone on and are squishier than ever? Drop a nullifying oblivion and then they just die? I’ll quit if that exploit is brought back as a ‘feature’.

Woop another salty call to nerf healers. Itll never stop.

In the meantime make oblivion nullify ice shower, maelstorm while its active, ice storm, meteor shower, shockwave, whirlwind, and every other type of aoe. Kthx

Overall I agree with the state of the meta as you describe it. However I do not think that Oblivion needs to reverted. Instead I think they need to push more power into Disease.

  • Buff Disease of Putrefying Scream, Plagued Splitting Grenade, Plague Crits/Strikes.
  • Rework/Buff Infected Throw (and the entire Throwing Tree) with more usability and QoL changes. The tree looks like it was designed for an older version of the game, why does the throws even still cost stamina when we made bullet free?
  • Add more sources of Disease to the game. e.g. new perks/new weapons/rework old underused abilities, etc. Also why not have an infected catapult that can be blasted on to point clumps in wars?

The old Oblivion has no counterplay, which is why I don’t think it should be reverted. But Disease has counterplay in cleansing effects and such so it would create and health back and forth as people counter and countercounter each other.



Healers think its would be to nerf healers :smile:
1 We call this counter play games needs this
2 if people can’t kill heavies on sacred what do you think they will do? Are they still gonna try to bomb heavies? I don’t think so.

Also don’t come up with “disease is counter-play for sacred bla bla bla…” argument. Cleansing elixir is exist. 6 sec cooldown 5 sec duration

Easy Fix: They can remove Cleansing Elixer.

I really hope not.

Our server has shifted to heavy disease compositions, weapons and skills that apply disease. Armies are getting to the Fort with around 15mins on the clock which is the norm for equally skilled teams on our server. I think we’ll see a meta shift and other servers doing the same but with the amount of disease going around clumps are definitely getting nuked down still. I think the oblivion change is good for the game as there is still counter play for heals just not in the form where healers strongest tools are completely negated.

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Meanwhile 80% anti healing debuff is in arenas and your sacred grounds tick for 150 and your amped up heals heal for 1k. On top of the anti healing already present in the game. On top of all the rends. I played against 2 players bow + blunderbuss and whoever they picked out of the crowd they just combo them 100-0 effortlessly. Pen shot blunderbuss combo dead in under 1 second. No rends needed. No anti heal needed. Just pure burst. Pick a target, dead. That’s on 200 CON medium players with full onyx. Can’t land a heal in that time and it just goes into CD anyway. On top of all the DE bugs. Fuck it. Healings just dead. Let these dudes have their power fantasy arena.

Mwhahaha, finally single target heals only heal for 1K and sacred ground ticks for 150. Now I get to push my two button combo and instantly delete people :drooling_face:

I’m convinced the New World devs literally sat down and had a meeting to deliberate on how they could get the whining DPS players to shut the fuck up. And this 80% anti heal fiesta was what they came up with. In the same patch they gut LE. It’s unplayable vs competent triple DPS comps. You’re just 1 less player. You don’t save anyone.

But… But…

@Khanzy highly disagrees with this. We should buff healers.

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I don’t know why you’re bringing up another thread in here but alright.

It’s your thread and this thread. Wym?