Revert Oblivion Change

My sentiments exactly.

On top of a healing debuff that starts to tick up as soon as the arena opens and rapidly makes you a liability to your team…

On one hand, you’re punished for doing well and keeping people alive, because time is against you (Ring of Fire, Dampening). On the other hand, if you don’t do well your team is probably getting nuked before you can get a heal off, or if you do land it, it’s into a stack of diseases which along with the map mechanic renders your heal useless anyway. It’s lose-lose.

Feelsbad, real bad.

3x DPS are already turtling around pillars as soon as they see a healer until they have a DPS > healing advantage … Anyone with half a brain can do this. I don’t see the game being played competitively with a rating system with these mechanics in place. I hope if they do release a ranking system, wins are determined by mistakes being punished or actual strategy that doesn’t involve borrowed power via Ring of Fire/Dampening.

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This guy gets it. Punished for being shit. Punished for being good.

Well, maybe that’s my fault. I judge myself when I lose, not the game.

If I got 1 tapped by a musket I blame myself for not running physical aversion.

When a FS melts me I blame myself for having 8 onyx’s.

If I die to auto, maelstrom, auto I blame myself for running light.

Not satirical btw. I literally mean it.

Maybe I’m a masochist and I didn’t know it.

Not trying to be mean or anything but I think you might be cause like, that’s shit you can’t prepare for right. You run opals instead. Now SnS/BB/Hatchet is melting you. You probably aren’t running full legendary 5 physical aversion 5 resilient with weapon perks. I know I’m not.

If I die to auto, maelstrom, auto I blame myself for running light.

Healers lack an option. Our heals are weaker, and worse, you have to make up for that extra cast time. Cast time is down time. You’re committed to that. Instead of the heal chucking out right away and damage being undone, more damage is being done in that window. So you need to heal more to compensate and keep up.

Obviously there’s shit that’s a misplay but arenas are flawed and basically just play like some power fantasy for DPS players. Like the other dude said, you are literally punished for playing well as a healer. And competent DPS players can peel around a pillar until your heals are shit. Does doing the same benefit a healer who actively becomes worse the longer a match goes on? Nope.

Also if there is combos in the game that can 100-0 burst a full onyx resilient 200 con medium player with fortify, no rends or anti heal on then maybe there’s too much burst damage in your video game.

Go get your 2 DPS to try out perforate flamethrower or bow and blunderbuss. It’s disgusting how it gets to have so much burst and so much sustained DPS simultaenously. You can literally just pick a DPS player. Stick both your DPS to him and he will die before a DE lands in spite of building against physical damage.

I don’t remember what it comes out but my light SnS build that I’m still improving is some shit like 3 elem and 3 physical and 2 resilient. Kind of ass but I got them.

New Healer Meta is AoE heals with divine embrace. Divine embrace technically got shortened by .5 seconds because previously it was actually 1.5 seconds and now a real 1 second cast time. If not DE then SG/Beacon/Orb is the meta right now. Most healers adapted to it. Some still run the target heals but AoE is king now. They are not worse and they are not weaker.

Divine embrace heals more than LE ever has if they’re under 50% and light armor turning multiplicative buffed the entire kit while LE took a small Nerf.

If you can’t stand the cast time then take AoE’s. I see plenty of healers outhealing 2 DPS at a time. Arenas are exposing damage to healing numbers on an individual scale.

Wars are forced to become plague due to light armor healers being buffed so much.

I’m surprised Maramma doesn’t slot more muskets, maybe they do and I’m behind the curve but when heavy armor bruisers we’re king, so were muskets sniping healers. They couldn’t snipe heavy healers and heavy healers healed 85% of light armor hence heavy healers being the norm.

Light roll buff gave them more fun and a little more heals while heavy got phased out making medium the Frontline in most cases. Now 200 CON nerf, buff to heals and need to target heals is forcing people back into heavy. The counter to that is muskets.

Healers are balanced on the killable escapable scale. They’re not easy to kill and it’s not easy to get away. It’s balanced. Yet now everyone says they’re trash. But a team with a healer and a team without healer has the healer team winning 99% of the time.

For once, I don’t disagree with you. Lol. Cleansing rends is more required than an option now. I think it’s fine though, even as a melee DPS who can die in 3 seconds if the situation is right. I don’t even run 200 CON and I can still be beefy with the right healers.

You wouldn’t need all these rends if heals weren’t so strong. You wouldn’t need a lot of the issues with current combat if numbers were different for combat. It is what it is though. A complete revamp to damage, HP and heals is needed in order for a healthier combat experience. That’s way too much ATM.

The dependence on supports is extremely high. This makes composition and gear superior over skill.

Nah, light armor shards expensive AF, let some people run medium and heavy builds. I’d say the majority of people are still running light armor.

I agree with you there. Reworks to heals, buffs, debuffs. Some revamp of Life Staff abilities to give it more build variety than DE/SG/Orb or SG/Orb/Beacon would be fun. I think there’s just some fundamental flaws with some things. You nerf healers and healers will bark back like “bro there’s 50% rend 50% disease in the game regularly applied in wars and I can’t save people and you want to nerf healing more?”. The push back you see from healers is because there’s plentiful counters to our bullshit as it is. It really hurts when we get nerfs because those counters are still there and ever more effective. Even some way to cleanse just ONE target would make a world of difference. I’d rework Splash of Light to do that. Imagine if it was changed to a single target HOT that removes a debuff per tick or something.

Which was explained to me as a slider.

Rend cancels fortify, disease cancels heal buff.

Annointed is 50% by itself so plagued crits by itself only cancels half a SG tick. Rends are 10x more effective and a lot more plentiful. Stacking them in conjunction is the essence of combat now. It’s just not widespread yet.

That would be good. I’d be down for that.

Heavies cleanse a debuff but heavies are so slow and do not keep up with combat.

Idk if you’ve seen my forum spams but…

Granted the game has changed since this post, but you get the idea of my standpoint.

There’s no effective counter for burst. Best counter is HP pools.

HoTs counter DPS and Targeted heals counter bursts. That’s healer combat. Right now AoE’s can counter both in a sense. DR’s, I frames, stamina Regen buffs are super strong now giving a massive advantage. It’s not the healers problems though, it’s the entire system.

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Heavies cleanse a debuff but heavies are so slow and do not keep up with combat.

Exactly how I feel about the spell. I often switch off to VG to throw orbs or empower ranged dps or land screams if I see someone nearby that I can help kill. Often switching off even makes running things like Intensify to be awkward. So I don’t run it.

There’s no effective counter for burst. Best counter is HP pools.

Yep, which is why I run 200 CON light despite it being sorta weird. But it allows you to survive some bursts 150 CON or lower would not while enabling you to keep your 30% healing bonus. So I see it as a net gain. Wish I got to run 450 FOC and free cast entire wars like some people. Sounds like a blast.

it will stop when you actually die when playing like a potato

Heavies cleansing a debuff would be more of a thing if combat slowed down a tad bit. :wink::wink:

I don’t want to the combat to go turtle speed, but I play league of legends often among many many other games.

URF is Ultra Rapid Fire.

80% CDR and double attack speed buff which equates to tons and tons of damage. Little to no outplay, cheese mechanics abused and it feels bad on the recieving end. It feels good to be the fed piece of shit murdering everyone, but you don’t get, “fed,” in new world. 0 kills or 10 kills you’re still the same.

If you take the baseline of URF with cheesiness and little to no outplay due to the speed of combat, the 100 to 0’s, the insane mobility, it feels a lot like New World.

Mobility is insane, damage is insane, heals are insane.

I can play URF and do good and get shit on, but eventually it grows stale. It’s even boring being the guy eating everyone after awhile. It’s not gripping or intense, it’s a fun number show. That’s all it is.

Slowing down combat for New World can give birth to a feasible skill difference. Right now it’s whoever can get the skill off with debuffs stacked on them wins. Can’t kill someone in 3 seconds, they get healed.

It’s bad. It feels bad. It can be fun, but most the time? It just feels bad.

That’s the essence of my post. Slow combat down. Change all values to give a different feel. Slower combat would make DPS more relevant and burst more as a finisher. There’s no bruisers. People die too quick. Bruisers are less squishy damage dealers and Squishies are cheese freaks. They’re called schizos for a reason. Apparently.

I think wars are fine, there are counters to burst and disease via Gemstone Dust, Oakflesh and Cleanse Potions.

Arenas need these counters so there’s outplay and cooldown management to consider…They’re already generating arena-only food, I don’t see why they can’t create some unique arena only form of gemstone/oakflesh/cleanse to help avoid the meme burst.

Some other ideas could be things like Orb of Protection offering much higher fortify for a few seconds that ticks down to its normal value, so you can time/skill-shot it to counter the burst damage. More emphasis on well-timed spells and outplay moments are what makes skill-based combat games so great.

I would love to see the arena step away from the current best of three formats and just have longer matches that last around the same duration as three matches. Where dampening ramps up much slower and ring of fire, is the last resort for stalemates.

If there was actual counterplay you wouldn’t need 3 matches to have a second chance at defeating some cheese comp. Strategy to deal with this types of thing will form over time.

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Idk why they chose 3v3. It’s a 5v5 game. It’s always been odd to me. 5v5 would be a much healthier arena.

Also, 15 seconds is not long enough to flip change your build mid arena.

I always found the 5v5 tournaments way more of a meme. Also, this bracket was deleted from WoW for a reason, it was kinda trash. Also much better for queue times at times where there’s lower pop. Competitively finding 5 players to form the best comp sounds like a chore.

Agree 15 seconds isn’t enough, I’d cut some time off the first round and add it to subsequent rounds if they won’t’ do away with the best of three system.

I can find 5 man groups to queue OPR normally.

Population? Yeah, proba kybright about that.

I’ve been in 5v5 Tournaments before and they were hella fun. Every single time. Even had one team without a healer. The 5 man focus fire made it very up and down on who got shit stomped.

This is false, impossible to get there without stacking literally every Disease source in the game from multiple different users. Sacred Ground + Sacred Protection + Divine is + 65%. Typical best-case Disease is Scream + Plagued Crits + Plagued Grenade is -68%, so that on a ideal scenario for both it -3% healing, which is almost a net zero change, and Disease requires 2 different weapons both hitting thier skills on same target and that target getting to 50% hp, where as the incoming healing buff is mostly passive and always up.

Also Healers have Mending touch, which for 1 auto-attack instantly removes Disease. While disease users have no counterplay against that.

Have you tried LS/Hatchet? Switch to Hatchet before burst kill, Beserk for the Regen, let Death Defy Trigger and dodge out pot up (both health/regen/cleans if needed) and when free switch back to LS and single target heal urself back to full. It also allows you to use Infected Throw for tossing into clumps. Hatchet is big winner this patch.

Are you seriously suggesting Mending Touch is effective at removing disease? Sure, if you feel like dealing with the jank 1 inch hitboxes it seems to require to cleanse. And then heavy attacking someone 4 times to cleanse the right debuff.

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I am mentioning it as one tool to remove Disease of which there are many - Purity, Shirking Deli Cleanse, Entomb, etc… There is no other tool to remove/counter Healing other than Disease, and Disease has a counter too… there was Nullifying Oblivion, which had no counter, but that is gone now… overall healing has more counterplay on thier side, that the anti-healers do.