Revert stamina nerf

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox please give us an update to revert The stamina changes. It will definitely kill the game, you guys need to listen to the community on these topics just like the 40 vs 40 wars…

Yea keep the same for Heavy and Medium but not for Light.

So you felt the need to make ANOTHER post about this (there are several) and then reply to your own post 3 times in a span of minutes, tagging all the CMs you can think of?

There is such a thing as a wheel being TOO squeaky.


Nobody asked your opinion, we are simply asking for answers to keep the game alive. If you have problems you can move on :slight_smile:

I never gave an opinion; however, by posting on a public forum you are in fact asking for everyone’s opinion.

If you didn’t want to hear people’s opinions, you should have discussed your frustrations with one of your cats.

If this is about the stamina regeneration delay implementation in the PTR, please keep in mind that changes can be made throughout the duration of the PTR. We understand that players have mixed sentiments (as scrolling through the PTR feedback threads have shown) and the team is highly aware of this feedback. Thanks!


Do not tlisten those people who complain about it. I was playing at PTR and archer in light set is still able to perma dodge with light armor, the change you did is kinda not visible. 1 sec delay is not enough, it should be atleast 3 second and stam regen speed reduced 30%


Why do people keep posting PTR feedback in the live game feedback… It just confuses others… :face_with_head_bandage:

The perma-dodges going on now in the production release of the game are terrible. As a healer, I can adjust. It’s not that bad. The only thing I hope will be reverted back is the 1 second delay cast for Light’s Embrace. Half a second delay, make sense and more fluid in combat healing. As it is now, not viable.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea. I have tested it a fair bit and it does make it feel worse… I’m not saying it may not be necessary with your other changes.

Implement it or not I will make it work. The people that complain about dodging will still complain after this change that I am certain of. With this change the game will just be a little more clunky and everyone will die more often. Especially medium/heavy melee players… Who are the majority of those celebrating this change.

I agree with the stamina revert. it is a bad decision but we need to talk about … light armor dodges spam. I believe that this stamina delay must take place only on light armor …

PS. I am not a healer, but I can understand these guys. they have spent a lot of time and in game money for their gear, so these changes about healers MUST revert in the next ptr update.

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Based on the distance of the dodge? Or what do you mean? It’s the same number of I frames as heavy and medium dodges.
Just trying to understand your logic here.

Medium armor can spam more dodges than light, how did you come to the conclusion that the stamina delay should only be for light armor? Mobility should be the benefit of wearing light armor. What you are typing does not make sense to me.

Regarding the healing changes. AGS can not and should not think about what players have spent their in game coins on. They should make the changes they think are correct for balancing based on the data they have.

The playstyle will not be unplayable, but rather brought back in line with other options. I agree with the healing change.

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Maybe dex light is the one being too powerfull then…?

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[Stamina delay issue](https://A proper suggestion that solves the issue of dodging.)

Well you slowed = you dead



There have been quite a lot of posts of feedback in regards to the new stamina changes and most of them are a lot of complaining or people saying to put it back to where it was, I think it’s clear that the devs want to make some sort of change in this area and I don’t think it’s the end of the world even with the current changes (I am a light armor build that LOVES to roll around). With that being said, I think the change that is currently in the PTR (1 second delay) is probably the maximum where it should be put, I think the developers should find the sweet spot which might be in between the current live version (I think it is currently .5 second delay in live don’t quote me) and the PTR version (1 second delay), somewhere in between like .75 seconds might be a little better. I know people don’t like the change at all but also should contribute some sort of constructive feedback.

I personally have no issue with the 1 second delay, it makes you needing to be more aware of your situation and move more smartly.

Yea its great. But issue is you cant catch light dex build. Like no mele or mage can catch them if they are same skill lvl. So if stamina nerfs would be removed, bonus dex users gets to stamina usage should be rethinked imho.

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What other builds have a multiple second cast time on anything?

This weird idea that all builds should be equally viable for everything is what kills game balance entirely. It’s supposed to be asymmetrical and everything is supposed to have strengths and weaknesses based on the situation and context.

That means inherently some builds will be better at X and some will be better at Y and that is a good thing, not a bad thing. Some builds should be strong at damage output and some should be strong at utility and some should sit the fence between the two.

You can’t go around comparing apples to oranges and pretend that’s balance.

Literally nobody else has to deal with giant cast times on their main skills. Its the proverbial orange in a bowl of apples.

Healers being able to heal and do it quickly, is essential to this game. We can get that without them being unkillable it is just going to take some nuanced approaches and ideas.
15 different nerfs at once is not going to do it.

A lot of the people complaining probably did not test for very long. This is a very healthy change for dodging in general. Allowing us to do it in more places while tamping down its ability to disengage was needed. People should not be dodging needlessly and indefinitely. They need to learn when and why they would dodge.