Revert territories after hatchet fix


We just lost a territory due to the entire enemy faction using the infinite damage exploit on hatchet. As a tank that can survive most one shot for dungeon bosses, getting hit for over 10k in a war over and over again by 20-50 people is literally something you cant defend against, cant heal against, and ultimately, can’t win against. The people using this exploit should not be rewarded. I’m saying take everything they earned away, but losing wars due to exploits is just going to make everyone quit.


Or go take them back when it’s fixed.

Of course that’s the plan. But we gonna sit here and act like it’s cool to lose to exploits?

None of the exploits all along the story of PVP is not at all cool.

But we all know full well if they didn’t revert/disable war’s for some of the much worse exploits, this one won’t be any different.

Maybe if they didn’t fix the invulnerability exploit then we could have exploit hatchet vs exploit can’t die battles.

its not like those players are actively breaking something. one of the hatchet perks taken by nearly everyone who uses hatchet is bugged. they dont have to do anything to get that exploit; just press lmb


I never even knew about it as a life staff/hatchet user until this afternoon.

But as a pve only player it wasn’t that important to me anyway

Something just needs to be done, Hell, I would’ve preferred wars disabled but literally, because of this exploit, everything is being thrown back in to a war state by a group full of exploiters. Not cool.

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