Revert the bow we want og day 1 bow back

wake up ags we want og bow back. bring back the most skillfull weapon in the game. #revertbowtoday1 #saveopr #getridofbowbots

Yea, back in the days bow was real OG. With stagger on penetration shot, high poison shot hit, and heavy hit for over 6-7k in the head :slight_smile: but You had to land the hit, which was the hard hard part. Now everyone is an archer. Last days I was testing new hit boxes of bow with my friend.

Imagine, that I was even trying to miss the headshot, but game still registrate it and I was hitting every hit, even when I was aiming totally next to his head :smiley:

bro went from my favorite to plaguing the game. wicked.

From most respected game to most hated within a year :smiley: AGS, come on !