Revert the gypsum caste change

Idky but AGS has completely destroyed the gypsum caste drops.

I was getting atleast 1-3 legendaries a day from 10 caste and I havnt got a single one since Brimstone patch.

Furthermore, the gear doesn’t have gem slots. What? Lol.

Why did AGS gimp gypsum caste loot so hard?

It’s a bad change.

Revert it. Thank you.


i think you just got super unlucky today tbh, i got 6/11 legos

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet. I’ll see how it goes.

We have 3 of us doing about 10 a day. And not one of us so far have got a Lego.

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oof, thats rough. keep this thread updated will be interesting to see :+1:

Yea for sure! I mean it’s just us 3 vs the 60k players online right now so we could just be getting the bad luck. Our sample size is small. Hopefully after about a week it’ll tell a better picture.

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I think the casts are bugged.

I opened 30 and got almost all green and blues. There were a handful of purples, maybe 4 or 5 and 1 single 600… The thing is… it had all the perks (can’t remember if it had a gem slot) but was not legendary.

I’m waiting to open the rest for now. Im positive that they aren’t working properly right now. I hope they return to pre patch rate of purples and legendaries.


Yea they feel like they used to before they buffed them. It’s AGS and their code management / checkout system seems…. Less than ideal sometimes and the changes might have accidentally got reverted on the brimstone branch.


Wait, you’ve gotten legendaries from your casts? I’m lucky if I get a purple out of them.

AGS hates me.


As an update, it appears to only be the armor casts that are affected this way. The weapons seem to be normal and have gems slots at blue rarity and higher. Armor is bugged. I haven’t found any acknowledgement from AGS yet about this.

I get Lego all the time and the rolls are way better on them now. Sorry you are getting bad rolls but demanding the whole game is changed because you got some bad rolls is nuts. You know how this game works. You can’t seriously expect non stop high quality Lego rolls.

I was getting 1-3 a day from gypsum cast. And I havnt got a single one since the brimstone update and I do 10 a day. And yes I can expect to get leggos from gypsum cast, because I was getting them. Why would I not expect something that has been consistent for 3 month? Dont be weird.

I have received multiple legos from casts since brimstone update. Drop rates are not the same for everyone everyday and everyone doesn’t make the exact same amount of casts everyday. It’s just the way the game works. They want it to be a hard grind and they have actually improved drop rates a lot since release. You get a random roll every time and sometimes u run bad for a week. Learn basic statistic and don’t be rude.

Forgot to rebase before updating the game lol

I make 10 everyday. Havnt had one since the update. Id like to see a video or something of you getting multiple leggos from cast. Unless they updated them some time today. All 5 people in my company, make 10 a day and havnt got one since the update. Maybe all the luck is going only to you.

I don’t think he’s being rude, really. No one is expecting a legendary every time either but after 1.6 patch (I think) they improved the drop rate of legendaries notably to where gypsum casts actually feel worth doing even if your 625 doing mutations. It was a good change.

NOW… it seems that the armor casts specifically are bugged. Most of the time you get greens and blues. I’ve opened 50 armor casts total since the 1.7 update and only gotten a handful of epics, no legendaries and not a single item had a gem slot. Not blue or purple. Definitely weird.

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Thank you.

I looked in the patch notes and havnt found anything anywhere. The cast feel alot like pre 1.6.

Telling me not to be weird is rude. I’m not “being weird” I’m explain basic statistics to him. And just like he said, I would love to see a video of “everyone in his company” making 10 casts a day and not getting a single leggo. Most people on this forum exaggerate their claims cuz reasons.

Youre the only person saying youre getting multiple leggos a day. Im going to go out on a limb and say youre exaggerating.

Im going to just start uploading the videos of my opens.

Furthermore, if Its not in the patch notes then it’s not intended.

No I don’t think it was intended either. I expect AGS is aware but I haven’t seen any acknowledgement of the issue anywhere yet.

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