Review after 600+ hours, I'm stuck


Here’s my feedback after 600+ hours of playing.
I’m stuck with this game, and I’m explaining, why:

  • I’m a low pop server, but I don’t want to migrate, we’re waiting for the server migration
  • Levelling my trade skills: I’m working on JC and furnishing ATM, but it’s a little bit hard:
    • I can’t level JC, because of XP isn’t worth it, I’m waiting for the next patch
    • I could level furnishing, but it’s pain in the ass, because I can’t “skin” elemental wolfes for more wood
  • I can’t find any groups for elite zones, because currently it’s impossible, so I can do:
    • opening chests in elite zones: currently broken
    • farming Fay the last protector (it looks, the droprate nerfed, i’m happy, if I got 1 upgrade in a hour)
  • I can open chests, in lvl 55+ zones for trophy components, but even if I’m on high luck gear + PVP on, I didn’t found a single on after the patch (nerfed???)
  • I can mine for void ore, but it looks the droprate nerfed. With my gear/setup I can get cinnabar/tolvium from every 3rd/4th vein (I’ve those for at least a year if I’d like to make asmodeum (400+ each)), but I didn’t found a single ore after the patch
  • I can’t create my lvl580 warhammer, because questline is broken
  • I can’t proceed in main story questline, because of Well of Guardian quest (We’ve started in a group of 10, 2 of them has already stopped playing, 2 other 60’s, others are bellow 60, but I can’t do that q, because I can’t help the others later)

I’m really unhappy for this changes:

  • If something broken, and good for the players, patch inc in a day… If it’s bad for the players, we should happy, if it’s solved in a week (usually itsn’t)
  • Economy is still broken, I can’t make enough money to cover my repair cost either. I can’t signup for invasions, because I can’t interact the war boards (known issue???), I don’t want to go low level expedition, because if I die, it will cost me 120g
  • I’m drowning under furtnitures, because that trophy dupe exploit (server side authority my ass)
  • Every changes it’s not for QoL or for the players, It’s for make the process longer (longer farm, longer levelling up), because I think, you wanted to make time for you. Levelling up a tradeskill is and endless grind, and you make it worst.
  • Instead of fixing the annoying bugs, you want to release new features (who want those void gauntlets? hands up!, which HWM bugged anyway, you’ll got only 500 max) which genenerates more bugs.
  • last annoying thing is your patchnotes… silent changes everywhere, we need to figure out, what changed. yes, I’ve read you extension about the patchnotes, but it’s not enough. You didn’t covered I think the half of the changes. that’s not enough.
  • still have problems with the luck calculations, I can’t see, why I should go more luck, because it looks still broken… (Idea: add luck values (general/harvesting/mining/etc) to our bio screen, that the game uses for rnd, and log every rolls into local (chest opens, loots, everything, ofc make it toggleable, let us debug your shit :slight_smile: ))

So I’m really sad about the direction, we’ll see how can you handle the problems, but it looks, I’ll leave this game soon, I don’t have too much fate in you guys


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