Review on new world

I am up to A little under 400 hours in new world.

I am mainly going to cover outpost in this review an my take on it.

Outpost Rush: This game mode is just in a horrible state.

  • Allow player to gain reward at any placement. As I play on a low pop server every game it same f**ing premade teams winning every game an if I do not get one lucky kill I cant even get a single reward from game mode. make me not even want to waste my time with it.

  • second issue with outpost rush disable bring potion food whatever outside mode of the game mode in to it. player should not be running around with 100 infused potions. There just to much healing in that game mode.

  • Remove option to spawn same brute on the map.

my likes about new world

  • gathering
  • exploring

my dislike about new world

  • Combat feels chunky and very punishing to make a single mistake. weapon swap is just horrible(an i know it being fixed)
    -watermark is completely bullshit system.
  • end game all together.
    -azoth cap being 1000 is horrible when every fast travel is 300 - 400 and chest farm require 600-800 a day an I am forced in to playing outpost in the chance that I may get loot.

my suggestion to fix weapon swap

Please allow me to bind my second weapon skill to a key, over having to hit weapon swap and then the skill I want. This make combat feel much better then smash keyboard for weapon swap then mash skill I want to use.

overall I have enjoy new world but. I am not having fun anymore. I look forward to what you have planned for the game but I think I need a break from it.

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