Revive Crafting, Master Crafter Runes

All crafters knows that crafting is in a very bad spot right now compared with the BiS items that you can get through expeditions and their ability to upgrade them into legendary BiS items with perfect perks.
Crafters might be able to craft a Perk “Master Crafter Rune” Which can be crafted for 20/30 asmodeum 20/30 runic leather and 20/30 phoenix weave and an specific perk mod, to make weapons or armor which are 600 with 2 perks imbued with an specific perk. So you give crafters the same possibility to upgrade items to legendary as PVE players does upgrading epic named items into legendary with a perfect BiS Perk, but for a high cost for end game players that can afford it.
To be able to craft this rune you need all the crafting buffs, trophies, foods, and armor set. (I think city buff is not necessary because it’s not a variable that crafters can control by their own).
By doing this you revive crafting and put it into a competitive spot again.
Also, please give us the possibility to craft our items with a Signature like for example “Crafted by player name”.

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