Revive new world

This will sound crazy for a lot of people: Please, remove Expedition Stones and add queue browser for everyone.

Paying entries to Expeidtions, hardly farming after 5 months to create stones, looking for a group in the chat waiting they will accept you, who wants that?

The easiest way to play is always an open queue, where you can access mutator 5 if you passed mutator 4. Thats all. No more stones, no more black market, no more barriers. Just open the game and let people do Expeditions when they want.

This is the first step. Second and more important concerns lack of endgame content, but this is something you already know…

Thanks for reading me, hope it reaches some devs and see changes in Aethernum in the early future. I think this will be exceptionally good for the game, honestly, think about. Btw, great game guys, but I dont like barriers, just log in and play.

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Free people from faction chains, allow questline continue without the need to join any faction.
You devs and management team need to understand your stubbornness of imposing artificial barriers to people is what is driving them away.

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I agree there are too many barriers to entertainment in New World.

I, up into very recently, played new world for hours a day. However, I stopped playing because I spent most of my in-game time in a city either looking for a group for mutated dungeons or sitting in a queue for OPR that never started. If finding a group for dungeons was easier and/or OPR started more frequently I’d probably be playing right now.

AGS, consider merging more servers and/or adding cross server play for OPR/dungeons.

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