Reward ECR Sportsmanship

Elite Chest Runs are a good way to gather crafting materials, shards, and complete faction quests. Some game mechanics encourage selfishness and reward bad behavior.

Many chests will not allow you to loot them unless you are in contact with them while they are opening. Many players will not help kill mobs or res players because they know they will not be able to loot until the next cycle. Consider a mechanic where if the chest is open it can be looted, period. A temporary luck increase after reviving someone would be a great way to promote teamwork.

Another mechanic seems to reward the first person to hit a boss and neglect the ones that do the most DPS. Please allow drops for all people that contribute. If members of your team fall behind it is near impossible to get a good drop and is frustrating.

When someone invites us to a group, could we have a 3rd response option that says we are already in a group but extend the invite back to them to join us?

Thank you!

Thank you for this suggestion @ashtonmarc1 I will pass this on!

That’s a great idea!

Oh and this too.