Rewarding crafting for non pvp and dungeon players

Hello. I am one of those players who play alone and like to craft in the game. I do not do pvp or Dungeons so it seems harder to get better gear. Is it possible to farm all the items in the wilds without dungeons to make top tier items? Often people in chat say run dungeons mate , get better gear. But i`m really a crafter who enjoys crafting to better my gear. I like to be rewarded by my patience and crafting skills. Is it true the best items in game are those that are crafted? And if so can I farm those items as a solo player in the wilds? I feel those who dungeon and pvp get get more from the game. I like the game a lot and play on my days off work to relax. Crafting seems not as rewarding as it should be with a lot of effort put into it.

Unfortunately AGS have decided to use crafting as one of the main gameplay grinds. On high pop servers, real issues around available resources.

Unless they decide to “fix” this problem, crafting will remain a real drag.

What do you do then? Collect ores and then craft gear? And what do you need the gear for if you arent using it for pve or pvp?

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One can assume they use some of the gear for themselves in the wild for PVE content. They don’t have to engage in PVP if they don’t want it but to get to some of the ores and some of the materials needed they will have to fight Corrupted, Lost, among other enemies. PVE isn’t limited to Dungeons and End Game content. They may just prefer the open world PVE things where they aren’t forced into a group to do what they need to do. Plus if they don’t like the gear or find a nice random roll for another class they could always sell it for some gold!

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