Rewards are few and far between

I’m constantly being overloaded with green and blue pieces. And when I see a purple I get somewhat excited to open the bag to find it’s not a good GS. Any exotics that I find are crafting pieces. The game is really burning me out. Very little incentive to play NW these days. Before the leveling was the reward. Now at lvl 60 there’s not a whole lot of rewards to be excited about. Dead server. No one runs Laz or Gen, I have yet to even run either. Expeditions were somewhat fun but I’m well beyond Dynasty’s recommended level.

I wish Nw would compensate the majority of us for so many issues with cheaters, exploits and delaying the servers mergers. Would be nice to know NW devs value their player base by saying “hey, sorry about the things we made mistakes on, here’s a few items that will help your progression.” Or something like that.

The game squeezes you until you want to hate the game instead of get bored with it.

Slowly burning out.

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just do wars bro . you can get an super duper item after each war , with a random chance to be
anything at all . random chance at gs , random perks , random stats . nvm me am gonna go play some lottery might win something nice irl before i get something nice here

Exactly. I log in to do Wars because that’s the only thing to do, well that an invasions and the reward is green pieces. Sometimes black. Gold is nice and the Azoth but the Azoth cap is too low that you end up over capping.

The game is a mess.

Elite chests no longer feel elite… and there’s discussion of nerfing them further? big mistake.

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