Rework 300 int, 300 dex and 300 focus secondary effects

why would u farm in heavy anyway, all farming sets are light/medium.
has nothing to do with my topic tho. aint about competition.


that’s the problem, you need a balance

good. i want light armor, being viable in war for point capping. ty :thinking:

back to topic ty.

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I always felt personally insulted by the 300Foc bonus.
It was clearly late friday, everybody packing to leave and someone said “eh, what about 300 focus?” and well, here we are.


I agree with op, would make the game better. 300 for chance of insta reel, insta skin and insta harvest: This, prospectively, would make the game better.

Please consider it AGS.


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@Centeotl could u send this over aswell ? :slight_smile:

make this happen please

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