Rework "Fortify" to "Blessing" - Armor Based

Instead of granting Fortify generically, how about instead it gives a blessing based off armor WEIGHT class.
Light: stamina regeneration
Medium: CC resistance + duration
Heavy: Damage reduction

This could make for some pretty unique class designs, solve overhealing problem with lifestaff without nerfing it to the ground. Spread out the bruiser playstyle. Give heavy a stronger incentive.

edit: fortify offers insane damage reduction. There’s no reason why a light should be just as tanky as a heavy simply because they stack fortify sources.

This change would put a strain on light users in PvE as well, which is why Shirking Heals should be moved to a general trait, and not a PvP specific trait. Shirking Heals would allow players to be able to self-sustain in drawn out fights, without making them tanks.


Very good idea. There’s an issue though. You can combine different armor types to get all the bonuses. They could remove the option to combine armors…but it’s AGS we are talking about, no balance for you

This is the best idea I’ve seen yet. I hope this gains traction.

Pretty obviously would be by final weight not individual pieces


Yea, that can work

Yea, I thought that was understood. Let me correct post so people wont assume

Hope so, I don’t like the nerf waves that mmo’s suffer from these days. It would certainly help to rebalance as well as repurpose the design of choosing light, medium, or heavy set ups. This would make for some awesome bruiser builds and reaffirm tanks role in both PvE and PvP content.

I like the idea but I don’t think that you want to be putting stamina Regen as the one for light.

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Na, I think people grossly underestimate how effective fortify is. You take away 30-50% dmg reduction and light will be getting one to two shot in most instances. The stamina would be needed to kite effectively.

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“50% Fortify” is a high cooldown, medium duration ultimate in other PvP oriented games.

Example is Alistar’s (Supportive secondary tank champion) Unbreakable Will in League of Legends.

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If you add more stamina regen to light builds mele will have more trouble catching range builds they have now. Won’t work.

The game does not need even lower time to kill.

again, light armor without fortify is extremely squishy. They would be getting 2 shot in most cases.

That doesn’t sound remotely healthy.

hence having the extra dodges.

Yeah 20% stamina regen is not even remotely close to replacing 20% fortify in terms of survivability. This would kill light armor.

Not all buiilds even have access to fortify.

All builds can be buffed with fortify however. SG + Orb for instance. That’s 19.6% fortify for… 19.6% stamina regen. It would be absolutely pathetic. All so Heavy (the tankiest armor in the game) can get even further ahead while leaving lights to be 2-3 shot?

TTK is a common complaint brought up on these forums. A light should be mobile, a heavy should be tanky. Heavy wouldn’t be any tankier than they already are. With increased dodges, light would be what they were designed to be. Glass cannons. Instead, we have some builds that have an insane amount of access to fortify, while others have basically none. This would make it an even playing field, add more skill-based combat, and solve the issue of having healers that can sit in their AoE heals and face tank 3 dps at a time.

This would plain and simply fix the healing issue, fix the TTK issue, and add the skilled combat back that players have repeatedly asked for. This would also redefine the roles and spread out the armor types. Currently, there’s pretty much light armor exclusively in all activities.


That doesn’t seem right to me.

Fortify should not be added, every time you apply fortify it should remove the previous one.