Rework luck or remove it

Still not sure exactly what luck does, but it sounds like almost nothing.

I recommend devs either remove it entirely or change it so luck actually does:
1.Increase chance of drops
2. Increase gs of drops
3. Increase rarity of drops.

Otherwise there is no reason to wear luck (I no longer wear it)

There is only one reason : more chance to drop named weapon/items when you kill Elite named boss. It doesn’t affect anything else.

They said it raises the floor for rolls and gives you better chance at dropping named items. I do believe pearls are broken though bc with full pearls I get garbage drops.

Yes but what exactly is a “named item”?

We know what named gear looks like, but does that mean Luck increases the chance of getting rare trophy materials?

No idea because in the 53 minutes of my life that I want back, the devs only referenced “named items” without even once defining what it is.

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