Rework Portals in owned territories

No one does those 55+ portals, and its just annoying. I do the solo-able ones, but they come back too quickly. It is removing resources and making the open world experience worse. The top of MD is a nice plains zone, but I literally have not seen it without portals in 6 months.


Thanks for your feedback, Gull. How would you shake up the portals to be engaging and rewarding? What rewards from portals would you like to see?

There is no point to doing them anymore. The corrupted shards etc aren’t necessary anymore, now that tuning orbs can be purchased in the faction store, the reward drops are invariably repair parts fodder as they aren’t useful for pretty much anything. The only reason anyone does the portals is for the gypsums. Outside that its a waste of time, energy and consumables.

If you want people to get involved, give them an actual incentive to do them. Expanding corruption zones that remove farmable resources, the foes in nearby areas being corrupted and gaining strength the longer the portal is there, gear drops that are actually useful in PVP or expeditions, named drops, crafting boost drops etc etc.

Also, there needs to be more types of portal. The current ones were fine when the game was fresh, but now its just the same thing over and over and that is boring.


Also you can rework territory standing rewards (which have room to improvement like experience card). Portals one of the ways to farm territroy experience.

few things

  1. loot chests from CP are filled with 99% trash
  2. azoth not as useful as it was
  3. experience for standings not worth anymore if you have high level standings
  4. 1 gypsum for 7 goddamn portals are way too much
  5. no one enjoy or even bother with portals unless they had to (which probably 1% of entire population)

With the story progressing, I think portals should spawn rarely, and we should have a visual indication on how invasions timers are effected by portals. Frequently, guilds are pushing for war but an invasion happens during the push killing the mood. I also think that only just before the invasions should all the portals be up and not just have them slowly spawn and fill up all spaces on the map.

Maybe an item that can clear a portal as a single use could be added to the game and only give territory standing as a reward. Tie it to a skill like fishing, invasions, or something new.

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Rejigging the risk/reward would be good.

Some of us actually enjoy invasions. If the types of invasions are being expanded in the future, then maybe an expanded range of types of portal type events leading to different invasions would be cool.

Maybe having portals auto-level to your level in lower level areas would be good?

It could be a good opportunity to play with the reward mechanics. Like 5 person portal runs return a special reward or something.

I can solo two types of the 65 portals but not the rest. Maybe soloing portals should return something special? Like a single gypsum or something.

I think the biggest problem with the portals, besides the poor rewards, is the non-impact on the environment. At the moment, the portals are more like useless and annoying decorations with no real benefit for anyone.

I think that the portals should have a direct impact on the gameplay of the territory where the breach takes place.

This could have an effect on the invasions, for example. Keeping the territory “clean” delays the invasion to once a week or longer. This in turn would save the companies a lot of money to repair the damage after a lost invasion. And other players would not lose their needed workbenches. This can be used to promote joint activities and fight breaches together.

It would also be possible to have corrupted spawn near the cities, sort of like a vanguard before the actual invasion, to attack the players who want to leave the city. This could also spawn bosses or mutated variants that carry special loot to create even more incentive. If you destroy the portals, no corrupted spawns near cities and everyone has a quiet and safe life, which would also be easier for new players. But if you don’t do it, the challenge and the chance for rewards increases, but the frequency of invasions also increases significantly and also the risk that the city will be devalued.

Dynamic hordes of corrupted across the territory would also be a possibility.


I would close some portal if i get supply as reward.
Potions, Wards, Coatings.
Materials for best tincture are expensive as hell, solve 2 things at once.

I also agree territory standing system rework.
The current system, 300 level with almost unfollowable bonuses just terrible…

Make all level portals reward amethyst!

Thank you all for great the feedback. I’ll relay the ideas posted here to the development team!

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