Rework the way 600 items are crafted - suggestions

Now that most epic crafts are literally worthless and it gets more and more frustrating when you only get 1 or 2 legendaries out of 20 595-600 crafts - something needs to change. When you craft 595-600 items theres a 1 out of 6 chance to get a legendary (16,7%) a good solution would be to increase the chance for a legendary after every non legendary roll. It would look like this:

  1. craft 1:6 (16.7% chance) → epic
  2. craft 1:5 (20% chance) → epic
  3. craft 1:4 (25% chance) → epic
  4. craft 1:3 (33% chance) → epic
  5. craft 1:2 (50% chance) → epic
  6. craft 1:1 (100% chance) → guaranteed legendary

This change would reduce the frustration of not getting a single legendary out of a crafting session + reduce the average chance of a legendary from 1:6 to about 1:4.

Another suggestion would be to make salvaging 590+ crafted items more profitable by giving back some legendary mats. Jewelery could salvage into 3-5 Asmodeum for example. Also the cost of attribute perks needs to be lowered to 3 down from 10 since we are at a point where too much demand and too litte supply exists. I know these suggestion would lower the value of BIS gear albeit still not to a point where they are easily accessable by everyone which is fine.


This for the win!!!

Something needs to happen, crafting is dead, nothing on TP etc. Not worth it to gamble away all your mats since even the previously “ok” stuff was sellable. Mutations eliminated that, the only thing of value is legendary 600 with at least 1 good perk.

Now with reduced chance to get even that, crafting is completely worthless.

@Yucca We appreciate your feedback concerning reworking the way items are crafted! We’re always looking for new ways to improve New World. We’ll pass your feedback forward as well as the thread link to our team and hopefully, it can spark up some new ideas for future updates.


Not “agree” with you.

The issue in this game is end game crafting nightmare, i’m agree on this topic but the issue is due zero possibility to modify / improve a crafted item.
We need to have a possbility to upgrade item to 600 and turn it legendary with a random third perk, by crafting a new component ( could be motes + umbral shard )
We also need to have component to re-roll one perk of an item choosen randomly

I think your idea might devalue BIS items too much and severly reduce the need of crafters since you would only need Items with 2 good Perks anymore. There are more than enough of these 2 perk epics around already.

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