Reworking fleche

Take out the pass through but let it stagger enemies. Would open up more offensive gameplay for rapier and also nerf people using it escape through a whole group just saying.

i would agree.
in fact, just swap the flourish and finish with the flech.
give FnF the pass through, give felch the stagger instead.

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Funny enough the animation for finish is what fleche actually looks like in fencing lol

making finish pass through can really help the skill, as the tracking is annoy when thers more than 2 ppl in places, or even with pylon, or the none-existintence respwan tower ,
they should lower the tracking but making it travles little further and pass through instead of staggering.
the wind up animation should be super fast but with some post-animation to give the feel of a super deadly fast heavy attack.

i bet the movement will be super cool as well, like those ninja Battōjutsu

and it will be super satisfacting to detonated few target in a line,
making the bleed rapier viable in something beyond 1v1

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