Reworking quest ok! But the zone?

I totally love Brimstone, bring some new stuff to do and to gear for. That said, I went to one of my route of rawhide in Monarch’s and realized that there a keep now there instead of the plains with the elks. The secret fishing spot near the border of monarch and windsward does not even exist anymore. No bridge, no hut no nothing. Not even the shrine exist anymore? I understand the world evolve in a way but there no trace of what used to be. The Hemp farm next to it does not exist anymore there again not even a ruins of what it was nothing. Feel like a rehaul of some zone. Missing the ruins of the past.

Trying to find a new rawhide route now cause yea xD.

Edit 1 : I saw that you guys put another fishing spot in FL. Cool but its still another 1 star… kinda hard to get 40 dex food with only 1 star pool. FL and Winds are the only two place without a 3 star fishing spot.

Agreed. What happened to the big hemp farm? :sob:
Does anybody know if there is a substitute for that somewhere? It was so convenient.

Feel like nobody care. There more pressing matter I agree

nobody needs the 40 dex food from fish, neither for int or strength

with new recipes that last 60min and cost way less

Gotta get the recipe first. And frankly adding more item to the pool do not increase the chance of receiving said recipe.


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