RG | Fresh start company, looking for PvP focused players | Apophis Covenant |

RG | Fresh start | EUC | PvP | Semi HC | Covenant | Apophis

About Us:
-English speaking community.
-Experienced and very active leaders.
-Competitive mindset while maintaining mostly chill and relaxed atmosphere.
-PvP focused guild, wars>3v3>outpost rush

Looking for :
-Groups of friends with already built in synergy or solo players that are excited to play fresh servers whether they are returning or new players.
-Preferably flexible with play style and weapon choices, to fit war compositions and changing meta.

-We are around 40-50 players.
-Atm looking for players to fill our core war members as of course out of the 40-50 people not everyone will be suitable for wars.

For more info&applications PM, Noblese#3792 on discord


Me and some friends are looking for a Company. We are around 6 is there a chance to talk or contact you ?

Yes, contact Noblese#3792 on discord

Sent a request on Discord as well!

Hey there mate, check a friend request by SplichO#3211