Ridiculously high input latency spikes

for the last couple of days, ive been experiencing this issue where my input latency has reached ridiculously unplayable numbers, spiking anywhere from 200-5000.

This is no issue with my internet or any hardware on my end, i have tested my internet speeds and ping connection with other games, everything is normal. i have changed nothing about my pc or the game, and have had no issues since release. suddenly, the input latency has made the game become extremely laggy and is completely unplayable.

if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix, that would be much appreciated since i have literally tried everything.

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Hi @reu,

I hope you are doing just fine!

I have a couple of tips that can help:

  1. If you are using wireless keyboard and or mouse, I recommend trying to switch to wired and see if the spikes still happen.
  2. Set V-Sync to OFF for lower input latency.
  3. Try changing your video settings to a lower value, this can help reduce input latency since it reduces the amount of work you computer does.
  4. Try checking for driver updates on any of your peripherals as they might need it.

Here is a link with more information that can help!

Hopefully this helps!

thanks for the suggestions but i believe i saw similar solutions from about a month ago, and after trying these it appears they have no effect on my input latency.


So many threads on this and no real support. The generic help copy/pastes do nothing, meanwhile people have been dealing with this since launch with no acknowledgement from the dev team that this is even an issue on their radar.

Myself and most people in that thread have tried everything from graphics settings, network adapter drivers, replacement peripherals, firewall settings, port forwards, sus Russian networking software, the list goes on. I’ve personally had the cable guy come out three times to check my Internet. I’ve already filled out a customer support ticket and submitted my logs, was told to wait 1-2 days and that was over a month ago with no response.

The issue seems tied to your game account and ags servers.

Next time it happens, take note of the region server pings on the character select screen. When mine are all red I know I’m gonna have a bad night. I can load up 8k youtube videos with no buffering, download large files, run speed tests at the same time this issue is occuring and see no degraded internet quality on my end. One time I closed new world, resubbed to xiv and ran a dungeon (with no lag) just to make sure my internet was fine.

At my wit’s end on this one. There is clearly some bug on our accounts clogging up the pipes and so far trying to get any real support has been futile.

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Still happening to me patch 1.0.5, except my ping also spikes like crazy

Exact same thing happening to me. Has since I think a couple of patches ago.

This way

I’m in the same boat I’m at level 30 and have not played in over 3 weeks only thing amazon says is the normal check/solutions that most everone already know and that does nothing

Is it only new world where you got this problems?

this has absolutely nothing to do with peoples hardware lol.

this is AGS implementing extremely poor practices with their servers and container / resource allocation. hell, you guys released an ONLINE GAME that doesnt lag compensate projectiles AT ALL.

HILARIOUS thing for amazon to screw up btw, literally the company that made services like this so widely available.

Why are CS agents in here posting copy/pasted crap when they clearly have zero clue what they are talking about?

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I have been dealing with this for 3 weeks if not more :upside_down_face:

Yes this is the only game I have this problem

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