Right direction AGS

Just saying this game is 100% better than it was at launch. We are headed in the right direction.

Its time to get your friends and come back to the game or at least tell them to try it.

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Gotta admit, the game feels good different.


yeah… I mean its still got a long way to go as more content needed but the performance feels better and the crafting tables rarely kick you out now.

If you start a new toon it feels a little more immersive now. New players starting now got it good lol.

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I can’t really see that much of a difference to be honest.

Pve deals with bots, crafting isn’t profitable, expeditions are locked behind grind.

PvP deals with static world map, unwinnable wars and unbalanced weapon.

What did change for the better so significantly?


You must be very lucky, I get kicked off the crafting able probably every 3rd craft still.

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The game is tedious, which is unfortunate. When you look at the individual components, many decisions are good, even great at times. The way the system is assembled though, makes too many things a chore.

Why do we pay a limited currency, shared with crafting, to travel from portal to portal? If you’re stuck in the middle of the tiny 15 square miles of map with no free options up, a cost makes sense. Otherwise, it does nothing but lower quality of life.

Orbs, orbs, orbs. The orbs system to enter EVERY expidition is overdone. Get rid of this on everything but a couple expeditions to improve Quality of Life.

Housing…that we can’t sell a house and the taxes are about to return back to oppressive doesn’t bring much joy. You make a significant decision when you invest in a settlement, and the factors that guided that decision can change in an instant. Here I’m not even speaking about the large ones like streamers suddently ditching the game and vacating your server, or a large Company transferring out.

PvP dictates who controls PvE settlements. This is a glaring example of what I mean in regards to ideas that sound good not working. This sounds like it would work, yet on too many servers we see how this disconnect causes nothing but a monopoly. This is one of the reasons why MMOs haven’t done this before. PvP holdings should stay in PvP areas, with BONUSES conveyed to PvE rather than CONTROL. NW can’t do that though because its fights are battleground based. groan

Overall, New World of Tedium is as poorly executed as ever, and that is really unfortunate. So many great components wasted in this design itteration.


Lol what? I mean this stupid grind is killing this game!! A group of 5 people can run Lazarus only 5 times a week, all while having a very, very high chance of leaving all those 5 runs without any decent reward. Considering the costs if an orb, that doesn’t seem like fun at all. Yeah, that „no fun“-direction is totally the way to go :smile:


This right here.

Absolute fucking morons.

I pay 260 gold for my T4 and about 100 gold for my two T1s. That’s plenty. Before the reduction my T4 was about 1k with ‘average’ Property Tax.

Fun Fact: On Cedar Forest (before the merge), the taxes collected from Property in Everfall actually went UP after the reduction. By about 8k.

((Who’dda thought, lower the cost of living and suddenly more money flows into the economy.))

FYI: I’ve heard they’ve planned to reduce the tax so even at it’s maximum you’d be paying about half as much as you were before the reduction. If true…that’s still double what I’m paying now.

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100% agree with your comments. Still a lot of poor design decisions. Too much catering to a small % of the player base for Wars. Player numbers still declining. The game needs a significant amount of content added for both PvE and PvP as well. It will be interesting to see where the game is in a few more months.


uhhhh no


technically you can have free option of fast travel with your inn and up to 3 houses. i have one house in ef and ebonscale with my inn in mountain home. also they are redoing azoth cost for fast travel with next pathc. they are reducing taxes for players…with the pvp part i do agree that server takeovers can really hurt the game and they need to incentivize territotry control differently

Why do you say that? I feel like its made great strides.

Launch - excluding wars

  1. combat was better
  2. weapon power was better - everything felt powerful (except resil bug which broke the game late pvp stage)
  3. wPVP was better - due to good weapon power, more skillbased/reactive, more players
  4. Obviously bots weren’t developed yet
  5. Less lag/desync/weaponswapbug
  6. Weak meta (good for the game) - again everything was good in its own way, ga/wh was meta, but not super bad in wpvp until the resil bug and overnerfs began (mage)

Now - excluding wars

  1. Combat feels terrible
  2. weapon overnerfs, everything feels weak - bow next
  3. wPVP is nonexistent, dead servers, perma locked forts
  4. Bots everywhere
  5. More lag/desync/weaponswap bug post 1.1.0
  6. Strong meta (bad for game) - VG/IG, lifestaff - 10 vg/ig and 10 lifestaffs in every opr team

etc etc


I did say “with no free options up”. I have an inn and 3 houses as well. You pay the same Azoth currency (a reduced amount, same LIMITED currency pool) to reset them if they are not up, which you will do when you are actively crafting or bouncing around for pretty much any activity. My point being there should be no cost Portal to Portal. Also, the reduction has to do with distance and faction control. So, technically, no.

They are NOT reducing taxes. They was a temporary reduction and taxes are going back up. Overall, a reduction to what it was, but a very large increase from what it is.

I mean it is the most bang for your buck.

this aged like milk

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