Right way to heaven GS

i suggest to put GS to 950 right now for grinders.


At least 1150. I’m already at 950 with Antique legendary hardened Umbral Omega Alpha pancake gear.


You guys should just stop playing the game, try find something that suits your game expectations.

That will surely keep the population, SGS knows better that what players really want is long ass grind.

I did, but the forum is more entertaining than the game.


agree forum is lit


Yes sadly what I will do.
Liked the game until this patch. Now it is just yet another dungeon crawler.
Guess what…I am 850 hours in and not even have a T5 Azoth Staff because I did not even care to do Dynasty once.
Much less the others.

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worst thing in the game. No real reasson to farm your gear. Cose pvp is optional with no real reason to do it. Something like arena with ranks would be good feture.

I’m cresting 1600 hours played, but this patch is really dragging me down. All the things I did enjoy doing aren’t worth doing anymore (chest runs, gathering, crafting) and running Laz all day long got tiring real fast. Once our last few keys run out we’re all gonna be standing around in town waiting until reset with nothing better to do.

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