RIP Boars. We will miss you

Its been fun.


Now they need to delete the exp from characters that have 1000’s of kills during a day of these things…

The ones abusing it have already done it and moved on. The rest of us who chose not to abuse it get bumped down in selection for wars and expeditions. Oh well, maybe we’ll get to see more " I’m bored and refunding " posts from them now :rofl:




I need to find another exp grind to exploit.

they stated they wont, or did you convieniently not read that post?

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Just wishful thinking! Ran by there once and saw the pile of boars there with people afk auto-attacking for hours and thought, “nope. Not going to do it…” :sweat_smile:



I didnt know you can kill while AFK … Ive been KILLED many times while AFK though lol. I thought the rest button on camps made you invisible to enemy so you can bio or whatever

Hah! Disabled vet…sold my business, lots of time on my hands, wish I was still a ‘kid’ lol! If I had wanted to do it, I would have. Didn’t feel it necessary to exploit and rush up. My choice, I know. Others made their choices…I’m not ‘salty’ about it, just generally don’t enjoy exploiters and cheaters. Just my own personal thing.



Well I did not realise calling someone salty was offensive but hey ho it’s 2021.

Killing mobs in this game is how you progress. If Amazon want to fix mobs spawning too quick we’ll I could name a few areas that people are farming.

If it does not affect you personally what complain about it. Just move on and do yer own thing.

Sorry you were disabled doing your service. I know a few wounded vets. Great guys great personalities

Have fun play the game how you want after all people paid to play so it’s there choice how to play it

Interesting to see the bans handed down though. Evidently the people doing it never thought that would happen. Everyone knew it was a broken exploit, and those that kept doing it, woke up to being banned for a bit. Saw this posted on some other boards. Not sure which farm exploit caused it, bears, boars or some boss. But at least there’s action being taken.

If you did this or something like it, and didn’t get some time off, might want to think about actions in the future that could put you at risk :+1:



dont spread the fear, the mod said it was a “few extreme cases”

they found a few people who were able to AFK kill or something to that affect.

Sitting and actively killing boars, for whatever reason you’d want to is perfectly fine.

I don’t think that’s linked to these exploits since it’s from 2 days ago. And if that’s the case 9 hours ban is nothing. Maybe if the bans were equal to the amount of time it takes to gain all that exp lol

I had just a created new character on another server a couple days ago, and the friend who got me to switch took me to the Boarsholm area to get me some quick weapons skills, levels and materials/skinning up.

We were there about 5 hours or so…both got a temporary ban.

Not upset at all, we knew something wasn’t right, but SO many people were there doing it, that we figured it was ok. Wrong choice. Lesson learned!

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